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    When I was in college with #1, I was also breastfeeding. I asked the nurse how much milk did I need to get rid of before I could safely feed my baby? I was going to a party and new I was going to get drunk. She kept telling me I shouldn’t drink. I kept telling her that I will but I want my baby to be safe. In the end she finally told me to get rid of two feedings worth. So I did. Luckily I had expressed other milk as back up and I also supplemented her with formula. I can’t wait to have my first drink after this baby! I have friends that will drink wine or one beer here and there but I just didn’t want any guilt associated with anything that could go wrong and thinking it might have been b/c of that one drink. I pray for strength for those girls with addictions.



    beckybear – that’s very good advice and I think people need to take your advice. It’s very harmful to point fingers at people and make them feel lower than dirt for having a hard time quitting something. Being a supportive friend, even to a stranger, is the help that people need. Being condescending doesn’t help anyone in any situation.



    If any addiction were that easy to give up, they wouldn’t be called addictions. It’s not supportive to say ‘I can’t see why you don’t just give it up’. Most people that are ingesting potentially harmful things to their baby (tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.) don’t want to do it and aren’t proud of themselves. They need a supportive voice offering praise when they do well, and telling them to pick themselves back up and try again when they stumble.



    Well, I am 37 weeks pregnant and i am gagging to get drunk lol. I wont be getting drunk for a while tho – i am planning on breast feeding. But surely you can express some bottles for the nights you go out?? It was my 21st birthday last week and obviously i couldn’t have a drink but i am planning on having a double celebration after the baby is born. My iron levels are low at the minute – ive got my iron supplements and i also had half a guiness and blackcurrent last night (guiness has iron in it).



    I miss my daily cold beer. What have you heard about drinking an oduols with .5% alcohol?? i am 9.3 weeks and dont want to risk anything…



    babiesrus has alcohol testing strips for your milk!!! I have used them!!! 6 bucks for 3 or 20 for 20 bucks… dont know if on website but google it!!!



    I agree with you watermelon, I think people now days dont think before they speak no offense to anyone. But I think that people need to start trying to help eachother out and stop passing judgement upon one another, to me there is only one person that can do that and if its not him then its not our job. Good luck ladies.



    Mama – I found out I was pregnant at 7.5 weeks along. Two weeks before fnding out I was pregnant, my dad died.. so needless to say I was drinking A LOT! At 20 weeks preggo, I saw a genetic specialist and told them I had a lot to drink in the beginning.. they said that at that point of pregnancy, they look at it as ‘all or nothing’ Meaning that if your drinking had affected the baby, you would have miscarried… they assured me that my baby would be fine, and he was… I hope that helps! I’m sure your baby is just as perfect!!


    i found out i was pregnant when i was 9 weeks pregnant already and was heavily drinking before. i didnt miscarry and the baby is doin perfectly fine 🙂 i occaisionally have alil red whine in my virgin margarita also 🙂

    having one drink….one make your baby a preemie or have a learning disability… lol.


    jennayla – Your still pregnant, so how do you know your baby is going to be perfectly fine?

    I personally wouldnt risk it. I know a lady who drank during her pregnancy, not a lot, but guess what that child has learning disabilities now. There are a lot of people trying to justify drinking during pregnancy and I dont get it…alcohol is poison, why would you want to expose your baby to poison? Please…enlighten me!

    And for people saying its an addiction, and its not easy to just quit, then why would you get pregnant when your addicted to drinking? Wouldnt it be smart to work on breaking the habit and then worrying about having a child? Obviously if you are an alcoholic it probably isnt the best environment to raise a child in…



    I have to agree with Lisa. I too had a friend who would ‘put a little wine in her virgin drinks’. Her son also was born small AND now that he is older he is showing signs of learning disabilities. It isn’t worth the risk. If you want to drink, don’t get pregnant, if you are pregnant, do everything in your power not to drink. I do believe that some people ‘need’ to have it, but i also know there are places that can help you with that!



    I feel extremely horrible. I am due Feb 2nd of this year. Well in May me and DH went out on a date night without the kids and it was well before I found out or even suspected I was pregnant. I had one beer. One beer and I am still beating myself up over it. I told my doctor at the appointment when I found out I was pregnant and he told me it wouldn’t hurt the baby. He said that 1 glass of wine every week wouldn’t hurt the baby. But I feel so horrible. I never had that happen with my other 3 kids and now I feel like such a bad person exposing my 4th to any alcohol. I will never drink another alcoholic beverage again in my life because of this. I know that may sound overboard to some but my kids are more important to me then some stupid drink that could potentially harm them.



    Oh and to add… Per my doc and a study i read, One drink CAN cause permanent damage. Drinking kills cells (generally your brain cells), but in a developing fetus it can cause serious and permanent damage from these now dead cells!!!



    Alright that makes me feel even more horrible than before 🙁 I know people drink from time to time and to know that my one drink probably has damaged my baby I will never forgive myself if something is wrong with him when he comes out.


    To the soapboxers – It is your choice not to drink during your pregnancy. You cannot prove that one or even multiple drinks DID cause those problems any more than someone else can prove that one drink DID NOT cause learning disabilities. I’m sure there are choices you have made during your pregnancy that others would not have made and they do not scold you for it. Don’t be so hasty to judge others.
    Caseylynn – I had a glass of red wine on my wedding anniversary, which was during my second trimester. No one made me feel guilty for this choice.

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