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    Some studies say it is bad for the baby, and some say it isnt. Why even risk it? Im talking about AFTER you find out you are pregnant, if you cant hold out on drinking and absolutley need to have a drink during the 9 months you are pregnant, maybe you shouldnt be pregnant and should look into help first. There is no need to even RISK it.

    I guess I just dont see the NEED to have a drink. When it was my anniversary and I was pregnant, I went out to dinner and had water so I knew there was no possibiltiy of hurting my baby.


    ilandra – hun you didnt know at the time, so there is no reason to be upset with yourself!! My comments are all towards moms who drink during there pregnancy.



    I know but just reading stuff like that I get all upset all over again. I can’t believe there are even people who would drink while carrying an innocent baby. Especially after all of the studies that are done. It just blows my mind. My kids are my world and if everyone else doesn’t believe that about their kids then there is something seriously wrong with them. I mean why else have kids?



    ilandra This happens to so many women. They go out with the girls and have a few drinks and then find out later that she is pregnant. It happens and thankfully most of those women give birth to a healthy baby. It happened to my sister. She had been trying to conceive for a while and hadn’t. She went drinking heavily with her husband and group of friends that were heading to Iraq. The following weekend she found out she was 5weeks pregnant. She beat herself up over it but my nephew is just fine. There are risks and now that you know that you are pregnant I know you are taking care of yourself but honestly the worry you are putting yourself through can be more harmful to yourself and the baby. Relax. All your tests have come back just fine, right? Enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can. No use worrying about what you did once. You can’t change the past.

    By the way, in no way am I condoning drinking while pregnant. There are risks to it that just shouldn’t be taken. I’m talking about those who didn’t know.



    I was a smoker & drinker until i started to feel morning sickness, which was before my 1st test even came back +. I havent really felt like doing either w/all this morning sickness, which is great, im sure it will be harder in the months to come. but its a sacrifices im willing 2do. but my M-I-L is always bragging about how she drank beer with all 3 of her pregnancies & everyone is fine& her sis also drank beer occasionally after her 5th month w/ both her preg. and her 2 girls are perfect, little terror errors lol… I also read how its very common for in France they drink wine and England drink beer during pregnancies and both have a lower birth def. rate then us in the USA
    If and when i crave im going to try the non alch. beer lol…
    Good luck 🙂



    I was like that with my first son, I had no clue I was even pregnant and of course was partying and drinking. As soon as I found out of course it all stopped but its hard to not ‘worry’ that you could have caused some damage. My son is 2 1/2 and is a smart beautiful happy growing little boy with no problems. I was almost 9 weeks when I found out that I was pregnant. I think this site is great bc it helps other women that are going through it right now to try not to worry, there is nothing that can be done if you didnt even know. Good luck ladies 🙂


    Thanks so much guys, that just made my day. I appreciate the support.



    I just want to remind everyone that although we all have specific views on what is and isn’t appropriate, this forum is about support and helping to gain knowledge from women that are in or have been in similiar circumstances. I hope no one would be so harsh and judgemental as to turn away someone who truly needs help and support. I would feel terrible if someone spoke out in need of guidance and I was so lost in preaching that I didn’t help. Think about your words.



    I don’t agree with consuming alcohol in heavy amounts, however, special occasions, such as birthdays/weddings/anniversaries I take one glass of wine and then drink water the rest of the evening. The thing is all the other options such as fruit juice gives me heavy heartburn…sipping one glass through a evening can’t do that much damage … can it?


    Watermelon-That was a great way to explain why this forum is really here. If people need support for whatever reason related to alcohol it seems better to assist them rather than put them down.

    There are pros and cons to both arguments, so I guess it’s fine to voice your opinion either way, but there are always two sides to an argument. Especially when it’s just opinion based and not based on actual facts.



    I just look at it as no matter how right or wrong I may be, I am not qualified to be anyones moral authority. Before I will form my lips to criticize, I will keep my mouth shut instead. I don’t see anyone here soliciting criticism but unfortunately criticism is free. A bit of sincere advice comes with a pricetag of thought and compassion. Lets not let rationalism replace our sense of compassion.



    gamama-I see you live close to Alabama. Did you see on the news about this random shoot out here in Samson? Some guy just went bonkers killing his girlfriend and her mother then setting the house on fire then just randomly killing people along highway 52 then turning the gun on himself. Crazy stuff. I can’t wait for the day I turn on the tv and there is some GOOD news. Mean old weatherman already gave the rainy weather report for the weekend and I had planned to wash the cars and go fishing. So much for that!



    I never said it was right or wrong to drink while you are pregnant I just dont think that people need to pass judgment on others. Because I too thought this forum was for information and support. I dont drink while I’m pregnant, and dont plan on it, but I also try really hard not to judge others for what they do.


    I drank for the first three months I was pregnant because I didn’t know I was pregnant. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I only get periods about six times a year (naturally, not because of birth control). So that is one reason I didn’t think I was pregnant. When I was a month and 1/2 pregnant (didn’t know at the time, but figured out the timeline later) I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, so I didn’t think much about it, I just thought I wasn’t having a period for that month. Finally, I took another pregnancy test and it was positive, I had no idea how far along I was, one week, one month? NO clue so I begged a clinic to give me an ultrasound, and there was the fetus, with legs and arms, already so developed…I was 13 weeks 1 day pregnant. I felt so horrible, worried and scared that there was going to be something wrong with the baby, and it would be my fault. I wasn’t ready to deal with that kind of responsibility…and I’m still not. I’m due March 16th 2009 and I still worry that my baby will be affected by my drinking.

    It was really hard for me to actually write that because of criticism on this forum, but if anyone else has a story they want to share about their worries, or concerns on the issue it would be nice to hear personal experience opposed to just opinions.

    So far all test results have come out great for me and my baby, but nothing is 100% so right now Im just in a waiting game.

    Good luck to all moms dealing with similar situations.



    Happily- I hope every thing is fine with your baby. I am sure it is…I mean, our mothers where told it was okay to drink/smoke/etc. and we turned out okay, for the most part! lol And at least you know, that is the important thing. I think you are brave to talk about your concerns openly- especially with all the negativity! I hope anyone else that reads your entry realizes that this forum is for support and thinks before they speak. Most women coming on here are not proclaiming ‘Screw what is right! I’m drinking!’ They are coming here, like artistchic says, out of concern and seeking knowledge.

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