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    Hi! I am here to found out something about my problem. I have a blocked tube. I don’t know what causes this kind of issue. I am always thinking that I could do something to avoid this problem. Am I wrong?



    If you have had a past history of pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy or a ruptured appendix, it may be that your fallopian tubes are blocked. Fallopian tubes tend to fill with clear fluid, a condition known as a hydrosalpinx. Sometimes they do not fill up with fluid, but the blockage can be ident using a contrast agent . All of this is not your fault. This is something that you can’t influence but you can do something about it to cure this.



    Thank you! I am feeling a little bit better now. I will do anything to get out of this condition.



    @lejlaw It’s been quite a while since this post and I hope you’ve already figured out a way to either solve the problem or circumvent it. I just happened to join the forum and was reading all relevant TTC posts, sorry to hear about your blocked tubes. PP DenisaB has already covered the cause and how it get’s blocked precisely yet completely. What I wanted to say is, there are definitely surgeries to make a blocked tube functional. However, if only one of your tubes is blocked you can still have a chance to conceive naturally as each ovary produces eggs alternatively. Might be less effective but not impossible – just ask your Dr to prescribe some ovulation stimulants like Clomid or Gonal-F or Repronex types. Don’t neglect the treatment of the blocked one though. If you’re on it you might as well keep TTCing it always keeps you covered just in case an egg get’s fertilised the rest will follow as it should be. If you’ve already have had the un-blocking, and the adiagnostic dye test confirmed that both egg routes are fully functional again…. I wish you all the luck in the world to conceive soon! 🙂



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    On the off chance that one or both fallopian cylinders are hindered, the egg can’t achieve the uterus, and the sperm can’t achieve the egg, forestalling preparation and pregnancy. It’s likewise workable for the cylinder not to be blocked absolutely, yet just in part. This can expand the danger of tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.



    The most well-known reason for blocked fallopian cylinders is pelvic inflamatory disease(PID). Other potential reasons for blocked fallopian cylinders include: Current or history of an STD contamination, explicitly chlamydia or gonorrhoea. History of the uterine disease brought about by a fetus removal or unnatural birth cycle.



    On the off chance that your fallopian tubes are hindered by limited quantities of scar tissue or attachments, your primary care physician can utilize the laparoscopic medical procedure to expel the blockage and open the cylinders.

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