Domestic abuse

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    im praying for all of u!!! ur not alone and i hope that u and ur children all find happiness



    Wow, so many stories and all are the same! I guess I’ll add mine to the list. Now, granted, I am not in nor have I ever been in an abusive relationship (physical that is) but I am the product of an abusive man. My biological father was and is an extremely abusive man. Oh, he can be sweet as pie but when he gets angry (and you never know when it will happen or why) you’d best start running. When my sister was a year old my father decided to punish my mother so he grabbed her and dangled her over the stairwell (7 stories up) and LET GO! Oh yeah, she’s the daughter that he loves and adores too! Nice huh? Luckily my mother was able to throw herself over just enough to grab my sisters hand and haul her back up and over the railing. Enter my mom’s pregnancy for me. Well, lets just say having a pregnant wife did not make him less abusive. He beat her so badly when she was 7 mnths pregnant with me that my mom had to be air lifted to the hospital (I needed special care due to the damage). Because of what he did the doctors were scrambling for a month (that’s how long she had to stay in the hospital! Thank goodness for health care, huh!?!) to try to get me to grow. I’m not sure why his abuse caused me to stop growing or how he ended up damaging my ribs (they’re sort of sideways now) but he did… But that’s not important. I’m all good and healthy now! Next comes the day I was born – he got kicked out of the hospital for smoking a joint in the bathroom! Thanks Dad! By this point my mother had left him. He didn’t like that all the threats in the world would’t bring her back so he decided to try ti kill us. Obviously his plan failed. We spend over 20 years in hiding. I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone. As a parent you have to make a decision: Who do you love more? Your man or your child? Luckily my mother chose her children. In the end I grew up knowing no man would EVER lay his hands on me, that I am worth the sun, moon, and stars and so much more. I have a great (step) dad who’s always been there for me and supported me through everything even though we don’t share blood lines. I also got a kick-ass step-sister. If my mother didn’t have the courage to leave my father I’d be dead right now or worse. Everyday I wake up thanking the good lord for my mother and giving her the strength to leave. She’s my hero and I could never thank her enough for putting us kids first! I tell eberyone I can this story. And no I don’t care if it makes people uncomfortable to hear it. This is life- MY life! And it’s real. People need to open their eyes and see that sometimes we as women need a lot of help and support from a society that would rather bury their head in the sand. Good luck ladies and I wish you all the very best. God knows you DESERVE nothing less than that XOX

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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