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    Hi Ladies.. hope everyone is relatively pain free 🙂

    I’m 31 (32 in august) and have suffered with endo for years, finally got dx nearly 10 years ago.
    I’ve never fell pregnant, but then i’ve never been in a steady enough relationship to warrant trying for a baby.
    In february this year i had my 5th operation.. i’ve had 4 laparoscopies and this one was laparotomy to seperate my bowel, womb and left ovary from the endo. I’ve previously had the tube dye test which said all was ok.. so now i’m with a my partner who i’ve been with for a year.. we’re going to start trying. Have been offered IVF already.. but want to try naturally for a while x



    alright ladies… i cant take this anymore… i was diagnosed with endometriosis not too long ago… in march i think it was and i was on BC to stop ovulations for three months but now i am taking it regularly and i want to cry… The whole week of my cycle i have cramps and migraines… I can hardly get off the couch.. What works for you? I already had a laproscopy test done in march and it is only june… message me on my page with suggestions okay thanks!



    Hi Everyone! I’m so glad there is a forum on here for Endo because I’ve suffered for almost 10 years now with it and I’m hoping that this post can give hope to so many of you that are scared/worried/pessimistic about whether you will ever get pregnant. I sufferend from sever bladder infections all the time and was going to the dr almost every other month for antibiotics and finally when I was 18 I was diagnosed with a tumor that was wrapped around my left ovary about the size of an orange and several large cysts in my uterus. I had surgery right away and while they were in there they discovered that I had sever endo that had spread to my bladder. They removed what they could but were very concerned with what functionality my ovary after this tumor had been basically suffocating it for so long not to mention the cancer scare involved. The tumor turned out benign but the endo really had done some damage and I had a second surgery about a year later. I following all the treatments including Depo-Lupron (which I would NEVER do again and don’t particularly recommend it as a treatment option for anyone- i feel it did more damage to me than the endo itself). After years of wondering if I would ever be able to conceive I’m happy to announce that I am 7 weeks pregnant and could not possibly be more excited! It’s a hard disease and really takes a toll on you mentally and I dreaded the possibility of not being able to have a baby with my husband. He knew it was possible when we got married and everything and said we would adopt or whatever if there was trouble but it meant so much to both of us to be able to have our own. Don’t lose hope. It can definitely happen for you. The human body is an amazing thing and will-power and hope can really go a long way. Good luck to all of you and I hope this brief story can add some positivity to someone’s life out here!


    Hi everyone, I am posting this message as a very happy mother to be!!! I have endometriosis and have suffered with this since I was 13. Two years after I started menstrating, I would become almost parylyzed with pain when I had my period, my mother took me to the doctor and was told that it was just severe cramping and was prescribed naproxen. This just dulled the pain a little and for years I was on many different medications for the pain. I have always had regular periods (cycle and flow) except for the pain. When I was 23 I had the worst episode to date and felt like I was dying, and if I could have gotten off the chair I was sitting in I would have called 911. After that episode I decided to advocate for myself and demanded to see a gynecologist. I have since had the laprascopy to diagnose the endometriosis and a laprotomy to carterize the endo. Which was 11 years ago. Unfortunately the doctor said I still have endo on my intestines and gave me the option of another surgery, but with the complications in dealing with the intesines I declined. I was also told then that if I wanted children we should start trying right away. Of course my husband and I were not ready at the time. So four years ago we decided that we wanted to start trying and we had been unsuccessful. I did not seek outside help as I wasn’t in a place to accept it if I could not have children. Then this year at 33 and going to turn 34 in a few moths I decided that it’s now or never and we had to seek out professional help. On June 18, 2010 I had my first appointment with my new gynecologist and was told that I should have a ‘second’ look surgery to see what is going on with the endo, so I was refered back to the fertility clinic that did the cauterization of the endo. To our surprise on July 16, 2010 after not starting my period (I’m like clockwork) I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!!!!!! So 21 years after having the first symptoms of endo and two surgeries for it; I am PREGNANT!!!! Don’t loose hope ladies, relax avoid stress and if you have been trying for 6 months and have been diagnosed with endo most doctors will refer you to a fertility clinic as there are other complications!!!! Love to all who have endo and are trying to conceive, I am sending all of my hope to you.


    Its so crazy to sit here and read about all these women who tried for 2 mos and got pregnant with endometriosis. I guess I say its CRAZY because I am 23, been married for 5 years (yes I was 18) and we got pregnant with our first little girl just 3 mos after we were married. well in June of 08, I got off birth control because obviously we wanted another. After having just unexplainable bouts of pain and to the point I would be on the floor…I went to a dr. What’s worse is I was told I had P.I.D. (pelvic inflammatory disease) so I was pretty upset to say the least. But, it didn’t make sense. so we went out of town to another dr. He said, that the two do have the same symptoms… he was concerned I had endo. well…. to make a long story short…I had my first surgery Oct 08 which did infact confirm that I had endometriosis. well, much to my suprise, My family and I were on vacation in March of 09 in Tn at the moutains.. and I was supposed to have my cycle. Well I never did. I was really hopeful and when I got back to work on March 23 2009…I got 3 positive pregnancy tests. TALK ABOUT ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!! But, unfortanately…I was only able to enjoy 13 weeks of that wonderful pregnancy… the baby had no heartbeat at my 13 week appointment. Well..I had another surgery in Sept 09… and another in March of 10… and HERE IT IS…Oct 2010… much over a year since we lost our precious baby… and going on 3 years of ttc.. and still no baby. I tried Lupron (altho it eased the pain for a minute…it has HORRIBLE effects.) I’ve tried surgeries… and now I’m going to a specialist on Oct 11. It is horrible to feel like your a failure because you can’t give your husband what you feel like your supposed to give him. It has taken a toll on me phsycially and emotionally. And I just want someone to really convince me there is hope.



    I’m in tears while reading these post. It feels like I’m all alone struggling with Endo. Now I no that I’m not. All of the woman in my family had kids with no problems. Also all of my friends have kids. So no one understands my pain. I never thought in a million yrs I would have this much trouble having a baby *tear*. Reading these post gives me hope. I already had one surgery removing 3 cysts. Now my doctor believes if he remove my left clod tube I will be able to conceive. My heart is heavy but I have faith in GOD. Don’t give up Ladies i’ll keep y’all in my prayers. I no its hard I cry my self to sleep many of nights. But I can’t give up I no one day I will hold my lil girl in my arms.



    I have been suffering from Endometriosis for 16 years at 22 a hysterectomy was reccomended… I refused and went on to have 2 more children. At 32 hysterectomy was recommended again. I begged the OBGYN I worked with not to do one unless there was no hope… He did explor lap and found one fallopian tube covered with 5 cysts wrapped in endometriosis… He removed the tube and continued working for 6 hours to remove tissue it was everywhere bladder, spine, intestines even the liver.. I can never thank him enough!!! I woke up with the least amount of pain in years I felt great!!! Walked out of the hopital… Later that afternoon my 3 yo jumped on my abdomin while I was napping… Tore the ovarian artery open… 11units of blood and 3 days in ICU.. I awoke still feeling better than before surgery… So here I am 6 years later and guess what 12 weeks pregnant with number 5!!! They said it wouldn’t , couldn’t happen……My new husband and I TTC for 4 months and here we are we also had a loss at 9 weeks 9 months ago so preg is possible with endometriosis… I will have the hysterectomy after this because the pain has become so severe and 10 day very heavy periods (2 boxes of tampons and 1 of pads) every month are too much to bare anymore… But there is hope after diagnosis and treatment…



    Oh where to begin? I have a fairly lengthy story, so I won’t clog up this thread with it. I do need to get it off my chest in hopes someone will read it and give me some advice and encouraging words. Perhaps on my personal page… Anyway, I was diagnosed with endometriosis earlier this month. The thing that concerns me about it though was that my fertility specialist was able to diagnose me without having to do surgery. All he went by was the ultrasound he did in his office. He also went on to tell me that I have endometriosis grade 4. How can he know that without going in? I do have a cyst or fibroid on the right side of my pelvis… where it is exactly, I’m not sure. I was told by the ultrasound tech with my first ultrasound (before seeing my specialist) that the cyst or fibroid or whatever it is doesn’t appear to be on the ovary. I don’t experience any abdominal pain and my menstrual cramps are nothing more than a dull pain that I usually get the day before my cycle and the first day of my cycle. I’m so confused. How does he know that I have endo when he didn’t even have a look inside with surgery?!



    Hi, I have just registered today on this website. I was browsing through, curious to read the comments of others that might have a similar problem to mine. I have been married for one year and was diagnosed with endometriosis 6 months ago and I had a laparoscopy done with removal of bilateral ovarian cysts. Other then the cysts and a small uterine fibroid, my doctor told me everything was fine, and that there was no reason why I should not concieve naturally. Every cycle since then, I timed my ovulation, took all the necessary precautions and went through all the feelings of anticipation and hope followed by frustration and sadness when my next menstrual cycle started. I know I have not been through this for years like others but I think I can still understand there pain. I myself am a doctor and preparing for my pHD but unfortunately, going through this emotional turmoil has left me feeling paralyzed and unable to concentrate or enjoy other aspects of my life. Today is the 27th day of my cycle and I am sitting here feeling all the usual symptoms of PMS and I have little hope of being pregnant. Doctor or not….I am a woman whose primary desire in life is to be a mother and nothing else could ever give me the same amount of joy…Can anyone plz give me some words of comfort?



    Can you have endimetriouses as well as pcos?



    Hi I am a 24 year old woman and I have endometriosis. I have been with my partner for over 4 years. And we are trying for a baby. I have read up on it and I have had helica treatment. I’m very worried that I wont be able to become pregnant and with each period I have the thoughts are getting worse, is there anything I can do to help (other than relax lol)
    I just would like a positive spin on all this to get me back on my feet



    [email protected] – I also have LONG history of endometriosis ( first surgery in 2002) as well as other infertility issues and I have a very healthy 4 1/2 year old daughter as well as another on the way. My doc does recommend every 3 to 5 years doing a lapro to clean any endometriosis out however there are MANY women who do get pregnant with endometriosis and many who don’t even know they have it. Do NOT give up hope, I am a prime example that you can get pregnant with endometriosis. As a matter of fact in May 2011 I had an ectopic pregnancy and my doc had to remove my left tube as well as he cleaned up some endometriosis and now I am 5 months pregnant with baby and I both doing well



    I had endo. Had a laparoscopy to remove endo., along with cysts, fibroids, and adhesions. I even had a partial blockage in a Fallopian tube. That was four mos ago and now we are expecting! Have hope. My doctor also recommended the Dr. Weil anti inflammatory diet for endometriosis. I highly recommend it.



    Yes, you can have endo and poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I have poly-cystic like ovaries, but do not meet the full criteria. I know it is possible to have both.



    Gday i have been suffering this painful problem for nearly 2 yrs this yr and trying to concieve 1 more baby before i have other options of removing my entire uterus. Has anyone else had severe problems and wat medication do u take?

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