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    I know many of the posts I am responding to were posted months ago, but I though I would put my story on here for someone who comes along and needs a positive story to keep them going. In 2001 in was diagnosed with endo after a lap surgery. I had tons of it all over my left side with my bowels adhered to the underside of my stomach. The pain never subsided and I was put on high doses of pain meds and told to just deal the best I could (oh and try to hurry & get pregnant – i was 29 at the time and unmarried). Luckily I got engaged shortly after and we started trying. Two more surgeries and horrible medications- we tried for 10 years. I went through all the infertility testing and was told that with endo, they usually don’t find any medical reason but end up just calling it, ‘unexplained infertility’. I was devastated to say the least. Fast forward & my husband at the time and I divorced. I’m was 38, childless and basically taking enough pain meds to kill a horse- just to function with the pain. But I refused the constant medical advice of a hysterectomy. I kept remembering the advice I got from one very kind doctor. He said, ‘you have to be the advocate for your own fertility. You never know what life will bring and no one but you can know when you are done trying to become a mother. ‘. I moved back to Seattle where I’m from and figured I’d live with my parents and save the money to adopt myself. Well shortly after I moved, my college boyfriend looked me up and long story short- we ended up dating. 5 months later I was pregnant! No stress, no doctors nothing! I had a baby girl who is now 16 months old. Of course I wanted a sibling for her, but by then I was 40 AND have endo. One month of having sex on my so called fertile days and I’m now pregnant with a baby boy who is due this July! My point is – it is possible. Only you know when you are ready to stop trying for a baby or have the hysterectomy so many doctors suggest. It’s your body and only YOU have to live with the life decisions you make. Not the doctors, not family members- just YOU. I even remember times when I was having to take so much pain medicine to just get out of bed, that I thought about ending it all. I figured I’d been born to have a baby and be a mother and here i was in my late 30s divorced, living at my parents and taking pain meds with not even a sliver of hope or that I would end up with the life I had wanted. Of course having babies at 40 was not my first choice nor was all the surgeries, medication and pain- but in the end I got my two babies and so can you!



    Gday I posted ages ago, i have had endo for quite along time nearly 3 yrs maybe and trying to find a solution to falling pregnant. I have hear Clomid is awesome way of falling pregnant. Does anyone else have any ideas. I have to have my period soon, which will be 6 weeks late as usual n then get it.. but trying after that



    In the past year I have tried everything to get pregnant, except another surgery, clomid and other Western options. I went to two different acupuncturists, changed my diet, started doing yoga and tried to deal head on with any stresses in my life and tried to deal with the Endo in the meantime. I gave up a lot, but would get back on the horse one more time. In May, I was off of Vicodin to deal with the pain and following every steps on The Getting Pregnant Plan from http://aboutgettingpregnant.com. To my amazement it helped to at least take the edge off of the pain enough (at least enough on day two of my period) to function. I lost 15 lbs. and have been feeling really good except for the whole not getting pregnant thing. It is such an amazingly painful experience. But I do want to give all of you some HOPE. I am now PREGNANT!!! I still can’t believe it. I was sooooooo sure I was getting my period because I had a TON of pain. This past month has also been totally crazy.



    I want to use this means to let the world know that all hope is not lost Getting pregnant after having tubes clamped and burned, I know IVF and Reversal could help but it way too cost, i couldn’t afford it either and i so desire to add another baby to my family been trying for 5 years, not until i came across Priest Babaka, who cast a pregnancy/Fertility spell for me and i got pregnant.l hope that women out there who are going through the same fears and worries l went through in GETTING PREGNANT , will find your contact as i drop it here on this site, and solution will come to them as they contact you. Thank you and God bless you to reach him email via: [email protected]



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