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    Wow mrsdenny – that’s ridiculous! I understand grandparents want to be a part of the baby’s life (well, I don’t understand the whole overbearing, always there grandparent – they had their kids, let us have ours), but you would think your husband especially, or even his mother would get that your son is in a fragile condition still and you want to have your alone time with him. Any one should be able to understand that! And the whole bringing a 5 year old, even if she isn’t sick, a 5 yr old really isn’t old enough to understand what’s going on and how she needs to behave in the hospital, not to mention what is he thinking saying it’s okay to bring a child with strep into the NICU? Even if he thinks it’s okay for his child to be exposed to that, what about the other children in NICU? I am sure there are some more fragile than your little one. Sorry you’re having to deal with this. You should be able to have time to enjoy with your little one. I don’t think men can understand the bond formed between you and the baby when they are inside you and you are so connected to them and feel them moving around all day.



    mrsdenny, speak up hun. This is your baby, no one can fault you for putting your foot down. Yeh, they might get offended, tough titties to them. No need to be rude, but be assertive. I’m sure dad doesn’t mean to seem uninterested in the new baby. Just talk to him about your feelings, he probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. I’m sure he love both his children equally, but taking a sick child into NICU is not very smart.



    When I was five months preggo I had to cut off my wedding band and engagement ring due to swelling in my hands. Well this month I won a bet and got my engagement ring fixed, well for Christmas DH got me a new wedding band! I love him so much and it was so sweet of him! I feel like a married woman again. DH is the best and I couldn’t ask for better!


    seeing all the good daddy posts makes me want to cryi wishi had a supportive man i have a 15 month old son whose dad is not in the picture and im 6 mos preggo wit boy numero dos and when i told him i was pregnant his first words were basically i want u to have an abortion when i told him HELL NO he said well im not doing the whole baby thing again so im basically alone again but he still wants to be with me how can that be and to top it all off he has a 9 year old daughter who he adores and basically lives wit him its not fair for my child i could care less about me i dont really need help but for my son its not fair for him to not have a daddy i dont know what to do



    klo0426 – hugs babe, males just dont understand alot of the time, i think because u are the mother of the child u have more of a bond with bub than he will, he might feel insecure and want this gf of his there but in the end she should be the one to turn around and say that she doesnt want to go! Its not for her to get involved in, just my personal opinion. Take care sweetie



    I would like to praise my husband Rocco for being the best husband in the world. Keep in mind, I stay home with our other children (which are adopted) so after 15 years of trying to get pregnant, this was a shock. He scratches and rubbs my back everynight, does laundry, errands, dishes sometimes and deals patiently with my mood swings. I am very blessed to have him in my life. He bought me (after 8 years of wishing) an anniversary band. Keep in mind, because of my hormones, our sex life has gone from 1 time a week to 5-6 times a week. So he is benefitng from this and he has never been happier. Though he says I’am a little too crazy for him in that department. I told him to enjoy it because it won’t last but maybe a couple more months and thats it. Just wanted to share.


    im 6weeks & 3days pregnant . & my guy is being remarkable he kisses my 6week old tummy, rubs me, massages my back everyday before I go to sleep. he says sweet things & joke around with me. its just awesome im so in love with him even more.. but he does get on my nerves.. he does not understand that im not ‘just complaining’ im seriously in painn lol ‘IM PREGNANT!’ lol he’s says thats my xcuse to everything now but its so true.



    So all day yesterday and last night I felt like crap, someone (out of the 5 of us) in our house has had the flu everyday for the last two weeks. I was bound to get it! I ate a piece of toast for dinner around 8 pm and even lost that. I went to bed around 10 and when I woke up the first thing my husband said is “are you feeling better?” DH is a great man, just not always so thoughtful. It was a great moment, he laid there and rubbed my belly and back for a few minutes before getting ready for the day. It really is the Little Things!



    I honestly have the best husband in the whole world. I still don’t know how or why he chose me to spend the rest of his life with, but everyday I wake up so grateful to see him laying next to me. He’s been supportive and loving and caring since day 1 of this pregnancy. He gets me burgers and chocolate bars and ice cream, (whatever I may be craving) and surprises me with gifts and trinkets for the baby. Rubs my back and my belly, talks and sings to baby, gives me so many hugs and kisses and no matter how fat or down I may be feeling, he tells me everyday how beautiful he thinks I am. Last night we spent hours in the nursery decorating and dreaming. He’s my heart and soul. Love you Tom


    reading all these posts about great husbands really has myself asking why my man isn’t do all these sweet gestures. The first week we found out he was soo supportive rubbing my belly, talking to the baby, saying he wanted to marry me..but now at 12 weeks, he acts like a jerk. I tell him I’m sick I’m throwing up and cant leave my bed, he gets mad at me and doesn’t talk to me for 2 days. Hes so unsupportive he never asks how i feel, he never asks about the baby, its like he doesn’t even care.



    FirstTimeMamaP – babe what i have realised is that guys dont tend to get the fact of what pregnancy contains, or how much it actually affects you, im almost 25 weeks and my partner still doesnt realize how tired i can get or how much m/s i get…. its just males, my partner didnt realize that there was a actual baby inside of me until 20 weeks! *hugs*



    A really great book for dad’s to be is ‘So you’re going to be a dad’ It’s funny, it’s a small book, and it’s written by a man. I recommend it for all fathers.



    I am trying my best to be a good soon-to-be father, but I get the impression that my significant other is resentful that she’s pregnant, even though it was planned by both of us. She constantly laments not being able to drink and how she’s now ‘stuck with me’. I often think i’m the only one excited about the baby. She’s 6 or so weeks, can this possibly be all because of the hormones?


    I so love the night time back rubs and swollen foot massages… I say my feet look like a can of biscuits and he rubs them anyway!!! lol The cramping and moaning disturbing his sleep and yet he does not fuss or gripe… He fixes me dinner or does the household chores… so I say what more can I ask for???? :}} I love my Father- to- be!!



    i have kind of a weird question…does anyone know any spanish parenting sites?? my boyfriend is going to be a first time daddy and knows very little english but i dont know what any good true sites are

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