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    Well, CD1 for me. 🙁 Back to the old drawing board!



    i am 15 days past ovulation, no bfp could that mean im just a day late but not pregnant? i have little signs the past wk that make me believe i was but the tests are coming back negitive.. :((( any suggestions ladies?



    mari1215- Believe me I want to! LOL I just hate to see a bfn constantly. 🙁 Now I’m on cd32 and last night I thought I saw a very pale pink on the tp when I went to the bathroom, but nothing since. Don’t know if af is starting or what. I haven’t been late since I had my daughter two years ago. I’m thinking that couldn’t be implantation bleeding, right? Because 14 dpo is a little late for that. Going to test tomorrow if af doesn’t show. Hoping for at least a faint line…something!



    Oh and I spotted last night. If I am Oing now its 5 days before last month, 10 before usual! Maybe a baby wants to stick this time around… haha



    Sher- why dont you just stay off and if it happens it happens. Its taken my a long time to finally get that + but not sure if it was a chemical pregnancy or not. I might be worrying myself too much. Took another test this morning and it was faint like the first one but it almost seemed fainter. Im thinking about getting a digital test or just waiting until monday to go to the doctors and have it confirmed. Af is due to arrive tomorrow or Thursday. Im so scared…that witch better stay away!



    CD 3 today… Still very heavy. I feel extremly tired. Don’t feel like working today.



    so, the spotting is only if I check cp, which is medium high, soft, and closed. it comes a little on the outside, but not enough to even touch my underwear. I’m 8dpo, thoughts?



    LaSal, I know vitex takes 3 – 6 months to have a significant impact on your cycle. I noticed a change for me after 2 months (prolactin was back to normal, and my luteal phase increased by 2 days). Because I started B vitamins and vitex at the same time, I am not sure if/when the B vitamins helped me out. Still no sticky BFP, but I feel like I am on the right track!



    Good morning ladies!!!
    Sher-baby – I would try and sit him down when he does come home and just try to understand what he’s concerned about, it’s all you can do. If I remember you saying many posts ago, does he have another baby, perhaps he just feels overwhelmed, perhaps it would be a good idea to try to reassure him and get close to him emotionally. So sorry you’re not as happy as you wished, try and sort it out now so that you both sort it out earlier rather than later! I really really want to test now after my DH’s sudden revelations. I think if I am pregnant it will be okay, but if I’m not he will really want to delay it! If not successful this month we’re out next month anymore to avoid 3 June babies!! And then who knows? Crummie- yes we talked about about ttc our third and final child and he agreed, but he was not as keen as myself shall we say, we have a beautiful boy and girl and our son has just turned 3 and he is potty trained, we stowed the pushchair away for good, he is finally sleeping through the night and I think DH just thinks we have a bit more freedom and things are settling down nicely now, family days out are really easy, I can see where he is coming from, but when we got married I always said I wanted 4!!! Haha! I so don’t want 4 anymore, but at 2 I don’t feel I’m finished! 3 would be perfect for me/us!! Feeling nauseous today, had a bowl of branflakes and an orange and it is not sitting well!! I got undressed last night and noticed more veins in my boobs! I don’t remember that one so early on, but who knows! I bet I’m not pg and it’s all in my head! May test tomorrow?? Seeing a friend in the morning and she is 6 weeks pg with her 4th and has only told me, so I’d like to return the favour and have someone to confide in! Hell I would just like to be pg. Crummie – I plan to bf for a year too, I did with my first, 9 mths for my second, and suddenly he decided he had had enough. But as I did with the others I will again express one bottle a week to give me a break, and DH used to enjoy feeding baby on a Friday evening when he got back from work! Ha, I think that’s a big enough update for today!



    Don’t sweat a few days of flat BBTs, especially if you know your thermometer is not on the blink (check your temp under your armpit, and if it is the same as the other three temps, you may need to change the battery).



    Hi there ladies, I’ve been reading your comments here and I am just here to help and share what has helped me track my ovulation period. Here is the link of the site and I hope it could help, good luck everyone.


    well……. 🙁 BFN!!!!!!! well aunt flo needs to hurry up n show herself then! Still bd because we can and we love it lol well congrats to everyone with their bfp!!!!! I am very excited for u girls!!! I shall keep u girlies posted and shall test this sunday again 😉



    omg wtg on the bfps! CD 15 here I think I finally got a positive opk!!



    Cherry what CD/DPO are you on?



    dlee – that happened to me too.

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