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    mari – that is interesting. My spotting getting heavy now so I suppose af will be here any moment. So weird though. I don’t normally spot for a week beforehand. Perhaps it was a near miss? Best of luck on testing keep us posted!!



    just getting on real quit to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.. now its off to cooking for me… i hope all of you ladies have a wonderful day.. and who knows maybe some trukey BFP’s today.. lol… much to all..


    Sooo…how long does it take most people to concieve baby #2? I was reading that sometimes it take a lot less time because your body pretty much knows what to do this time around!



    Okay so I am on cd14 and since I am not 100% of my O day I am going to bd all week. Hope it works!


    Been talking to some ladies on FF that used Proxeed for male infertility and all have had numbers shoot up within a few months 🙂 Yay!!



    Sharon, i was 2 weeks late with both mine when i got blood done, so I was actually 6 weeks pregnant! Tryingagain, not really a cookie/sweet person, but I do love merringues (sp?) yummy yum yum!!



    aubree, thanks. And good luck to you this cycle!



    well day one of so far no AF. Don’t come please!!!! I really hope this is the month come on baby in the oven!!! lol



    zoe I definitely get cramps and possible bloating during ovulation. I don’t have a FF chart up so I can’t help you there, but I’m sure one of these lovely ladies can help you out soon. 🙂



    yeah, sore BBs are nasty cos they can mean either pg or af. I get sore BBs every month before the old cow arrives. Dont give up yet x x I am going to TRY and wait until Sunday which is CD27/30 but I am probably going to do my own head in and go get an early test for Friday. I am due to go out with the girls in Winchester Saturday so I would really like to know before then so I know if I can have a few drinkies!



    Love*Made*Us- same here, well not the heartburn, but sore bb, sleepy, you know the deal, af was due yesturday


    Good luck Julz! I am rootin for you!!


    LOL, yeh after i read what iw rote after i posted , its like oops.. SO had to correct it,lol .. BFN are scary n depressing.. next time i like to see { I I} 2 lines not one. BFP for me 🙂



    hey ladies…im not doing so good 🙁 feeling really poopy and lightheaded like no tomorrow !!! ugh wish i was feeling better so i could come and chat but i have to go lay down….amy, POAS date tomorrow?? see u then!! much love xoxox



    Eliane – I have some, but so far it hasn’t helped any

Viewing 15 posts - 15,046 through 15,060 (of 131,346 total)

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