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    Hi Lynn and Kristin x



    mya – i hope the outcome is what you expect it to be!! 🙂


    Im testing Christmas day at 9 dpt-full well knowing that if its a negative that its still early-kudos for trying, but it doesnt mean anything….



    Therose, your montgomery glands often secrete a white/yellow waxy substance. I would not look at that as a possible pregnancy indicator, but tender breasts and the fact you had sex on ovulation day give a good chance of pregnancy. Good luck for your test day.


    Whenever I would go ‘grocery shopping’ i would hit the feminine aisle and get the HPT or OPK and finish getting food and what not……..Then when I would get out to the car, i would go thru the bags, get my tests and shove them and my reciept in my purse, go home, unload the grocerys (while holding my pee!) and take my purse into the bathroom (i wonder if he ever saw i was taking it to the bathroom with me) quickly unwrap the box and do the testing, then come out 10 minutes later……Haha……..



    ***SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!!*** 🙂


    technically december 25 th will be 12 dpo for me, as conception is retrieval day in IVF not transfer day which are 3 days apart……… hmmmm………..



    Lacey, I have all the symptoms of PCOS without the cystic ovaries. I ovulate, but not always a ‘strong’ ovulation (weak egg, or low progesterone after). I have higher than normal testosterone, insulin resistance, and slightly high (high normal) FSH. So technically I don’t have PCOS, yet I am still an ideal candidate for Metformin. I think you have been TTC long enough that you need a ‘medicinal push’ to help! Seek that second opinion hun, and good luck! (Metformin, femera, clomid – all worth discussing if they (or something else) may be the push you need)



    hey girls, what has been happening today…



    Lol..oh why does having a baby seem soo complicated…I thought it was supposed to be easy!!! 😉 😉



    I tested again today this morning with FMU and negative so Yea phoenix8098 I think your right. I was gonna wait til next week and see if she shows and if not call my DR and see wut she can do. i got all symptoms and no POS test. I hope and pray a HPT is just not detecting it and I am. These signs are wut i have that to me thinking hard.

    Nauseated, Been gettin light headed then nausated, fatigue, bloating and i had pain fo 2weeks thats gone now. If I concieved and the calendar is right to my body i O on 12-9, and me and DBF had plenty sex on 12-9 and we used pre-seed for the first time.(i know that dont mean we caught the eggie) but hen where is miss AF. My period was due btw 12-20 & 12-23. Then I look at it cuz i have PCOS, But that hasn’t affected my peirod for the last months AF has ben good for about 5-8 months, why act up this month.


    Peach, I am 9DPO and got my BFP today…test! DO it do it do it (lol)



    bnlmusicfan2~ you might not have Oed yet. I would continue to BD for the next few days. My last period was the 6th so we are about the same time, I can test in about monday of next week so you would be like Wednesday or soon after that.



    Where is Ms. M.D. Diane? lol



    GOOD LUCK with the OPK mrssmith600, my fingers are crossed for you!

    Question: After BDing how long do you ladies stay in the horizontal position? Lately my husband and I have been BDing while my son is asleep, we’ll cuddle for half an hour afterwards then get up and continue with our daily chores/agenda.

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