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    Pic of the FRER up. Hope this isn’t chemical…



    wanting- yeah I guess a few more days wouldn’t hurt. Also if I am preggo then it would just be a waste of money to do it. I don’t know when to test though! Think I will wait till Weds. If I can hold out that late. I keep running to the loo to see if the spotting has started again. Still nothing



    Eugh! just got out of bath and went to grab my towel and a spider was crawling across it!! Can’t stop itching now! Anyway this prob is a stupid question but… When I have had a bath the water seems to stay inside me for a while after and slowly comes out. We often BD when I get out of bath, do u think this could affect conceiving if there is still water in there?



    good luck amy! i will cross my fingers, toes and eyes for ya! :0)



    how do you work out your lutel phase? fx for lots of baby dust



    1sttime – Welcome, I’m on cd5 hopefully we’ll both get BFP’s in July. Good luck.



    Well ladies..I finally broke down today and made our appointment with the fertility specialist..its on May 31 so still have one more chance to do this on our own..fingers crossed. we’ve already done all the preliminary testing so hopefully we’ll be good to go.



    ok good luck babydust


    LoL! Thanks 🙂 I would be happier with either! Its all in Gods hand when it happens!!



    Did any one know about HCG I am TTC and my doctor suggested HCG injection @ CD12. Or if there is any website that gives me more information? pls!!!


    thanks ladies, so when should i then test using a OPK?? Maybe this month were catch that egg x



    hey arctic – it does seem very quiet in here today
    how are you going?



    Mothers day on sunday which seems to be the best time for me to BD judging by the calander, but now i am CD11 so what do you think my chances would be tomorrow? this time one month ago i did it and judging by my mucas sorry bout TMI but i was on the brinks of O so i really thought there was a possibility. THOUGHTS GIRLS?????? I ovulated on the 15th day last mnth



    ready – I remember in 5th grade we were all comparing how old our parents were and I guess younger was better because it seemed like whoever’s parents were youngest ‘won’. Well, my parents were already in their early 40’s so I lost by far! But the ‘winner’ was an 11 year old girl whose mom was 26. She really gloated about it too, which if I had just taken the time to do the math I could have rubbed in her face that her mommy was only 15 when she was born and she was most definitely an accident while I was wanted. LOL Yeah, I’m hateful.


    I so couldnt help myself I did another test lol I was going to wait til morning but I thought I have 3 tests and yep a line hehe YAY!! fingers are crossed for everyone else to get a BFP! lots and lots of sticky baby dust! xoxoxox

Viewing 15 posts - 15,286 through 15,300 (of 131,346 total)

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