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    my name is sandra im 32 married have a 2yr old and tryn for number twn blue hopefully with fingers crossed. My lmp was the 27th of november and now its already the 29th of dec. And no aunt flo yet…i tested this morning and a bfn! But i have been neasous for 3 days and have slight twinge pulling or a cramp feeling not sure what to think any info would help thank u and i guess i will test in a few more days fingers crossed!



    forsure…do I digital…so you can see ‘Pregnant’.. LOL



    thankyou baby786



    Nicole- I agree that the only way for us to know we for sure O’ed is to temp. Sounds like you got it covered though! Babytwee- Sorry AF showed. FX for you for this cycle! As for me, my cervix is high soft and open! Having ewcm but nothing like I had last month and my opk’s were almost positive this morning but were faint again this afternoon. I did do the same thing last month which is why I started testing in the morning. Will probably ovulation tomorrow or thursday. Wasn’t expecting it until saturday but my temp pattern is showing it for tomorrow and everything else is lining up as well.



    I think I will be ovulating any day now…bd tonight for sure. I am hoping that this will be the right timiing. Everything I read says to bd before ovulating for the best chance to get PG. Good luck to all!



    Sorry ladies, I need a little vent today! It is days like today that make me worry about being able to handle 2! My 2.5 year old DS is sooo overtired. DH had to go into work early today so he had to be up at 530am. Well DS is a light sleeper so of course DH trying to get ready in the bathroom woke DS who decided 530 was a great time to get out of bed since daddy was up! Once he gets overtired it is hell trying to break the cycle. I tried all morning to get him to go back to sleep because he was grumpy and it was not working! Finally got him down at his usual nap time and he slept barely an hour! That is like 1/2 what he usually sleeps. So, wakes up from nap still overtired and acting WORSE than before nap! I think I may go crazy before DH gets home!



    mfbrown – Oh I hope so!!!!



    Because I’m still waiting to TRY!!…we’re not even tryin yet! I’ve been waiting since aug. 2013! I’m just getting soo sick of waiting and feeling defeated!



    readyfor2nd-When my hubby told his Mom we were TTC#2 she told him that we should work on our relationship before we had ANY more children. She lives more than 1400 miles away and she doesnt know what goes on here! There arent problems between hubby and I and I was so upset that she would say that. Thank goodness hubby thought she needed to worry about herself and he told her that! LoL! Now, (3 months later) she is just fine with it and is ready for more grandchildren. My MIL and I dont always get along b/c she thinks she know everyway possible to deal with children and my stepdaughter more than anyone. We live in NM and she is in TN so she is really just being stupid when she says things. Hubby wont let her tell him what to do when we are just fine w/o her opinions. My hubby has a 1/2 sister who is 12 years older than he is and that is why she thinks we should wait. I am NOT waiting 12 years just b/c it was good for her!!! :p Good Luck!!



    alliegirl sounds like implantation bleed to me. When are you gonna test?



    Most articles on B vitamins just seem to say it will take ‘some time’ for them to improve fertility… here is some good info:



    So Crummie didn’t answer your other question! We do it differently in the UK we are under dr and midwife care unless high risk then we are assigned to a hospital consultant. We don’t usually se the dr for anything until 8 weeks and then the midwife comes to your house if it suits to draw blood and go over your care. We never find out our hcg levels, it is very professional but more relaxed. Of course we have a National Health System so everything is paid for. I do feel really sad to hear that women have to decide whether they can afford to go to hospital or not. It must be extremely worrying to have to make that decision. We have a dating scan at 12 weeks then a final scan at 20wks. Good luck with finding a good OB.



    I see lots of new names today: welcome ladies, I hope you enjoy the support, ability to vent and even share a laugh or two in here! GOOD LUCK!!



    My af is due in 2 days pretty sure we havent caught this month as only managed to bd a couple of times this month but not around ovulation.. never mind tho x


    well……. 🙁 BFN!!!!!!! well aunt flo needs to hurry up n show herself then! Still bd because we can and we love it lol well congrats to everyone with their bfp!!!!! I am very excited for u girls!!! I shall keep u girlies posted and shall test this sunday again 😉

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