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    Thank you all for the congrats, BTW. I hope he/she sticks!



    Evening Ladies, I need to catch up on the last 24 hours but sorry to all those with bfn’s today. @wcb2 – why do docs always scare us like that?? My fingers are crossed for u xx @weegee – b.o.g.o.f on tests?? WHERE???? 1DPO for me today… arghhh – mental note to self ‘Do not do hpt, do not do hpt…’



    Hello ladies…i’m not new to this site but I have taken 8 months off ttc after a devestating mc. I don’t reckonise any old names here. My name is Amanda, we have one son and have been trying for our second for nearly three years! Ok so since christmas my dh and I have deceided to get back on the ttc road. Since my mc my cycles have been all over the place. I am on CD 24 with my first pos opk this morning – we bd sunday afternoon and hubby is away tonight with work 🙁 – question is will the sperm from sunday survive long enough until I O , like from sunday till wed? Lol not a great start!! Any help would be greatly appreciated xx



    Michelle – umm no I don’t think so. ??



    This is my first month charting, so I definitely won’t get my hopes up about seeing a triphasic chart. Today I’m 7 dpo, so I’m going to try and hang tight till 12 dpo anyway before I test . . . this 2 ww sucks! Does anyone else find that the days are just dragging?



    good luck diane!



    Congrats Elicia happy healthy nine months to you!!



    Oh, for any Newbies – there happens to be a lovely big blooming tree in the middle of the TTC Forum. It is full of baby dust and baby dust fairies. We call it the BFP, or TTC Tree. It offers shade on hot days, shelter on rainy days, and is just a nice place to relax. So, if you ever see me ***shake, shake*** I am getting some extra potent dust swirling around 😉 Silly, but positive thinking may lead to positive pregnancy tests, right?



    Hey TRYING – Im in Cape Town 🙂 when wil u be testing? we not actively ttc – but according to the times we bd’d last month there is a HUGE possibility, but i had a ectopic and had a tube removed last year October so not sure how my luck re ttc will be 🙁 good luck any1. and i aint testing till the witch is late…



    Is anyone here ttc well breastfeeding?!? We want to start trying but i am still breastfeeding and still have not got my period….



    dmmarine – Fingers crossed everything works out well with your pregnancy. I’m sorry you have to wait this out. What torture it must be to wait another 3 days to figure out what it is. I’m sure you have a lot to keep you busy though with your move coming up. I hope this weekend flies by with good news on the other end for you.



    Good Morning Eeyore! BIG HUG for you. CD38 today… AF yet….can feel my cervix for the first time (or at least that is what I think it is). Feeling like I got water bubbles in both ovaries…..hope AF comes so I can TTC. I hope everyone is doing well. Congrats CarrieE on you BFP! SUPER STICKY BABY DUST TO ALL TTC!



    Thanks ladies. I’m 10 DPO I have had slight cramping/pulling since 7 DPO, headaches and tiredness and the nausea OMG it was not this bad this early with DS I didn’t even know til 6 weeks with him I’m hoping it will get better tho otherwise it will be a loooooong 9 months lol but def all worth it. Hope to see you all in the weeklies soon too xx



    man sure died down in here, I’m off work here in 15 min, have a great night ladies 🙂



    Thank you for responding Kiwi and Peach!! Took a test this morning and BFP!

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