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    Mugs…..anything is possible. From what I’ve learned and saw most people who have been preggo before have had the same symptoms…do u have any other children? I’m sorry to hear about ur miscarriage I had a Chemical in February and my nipples were big as hell and it seems like that lasted for a little bit about a week or so, so its possible its from ur miscarriage and its very possible ur having early symptoms, but I haven’t heard of leaking that could be from the miscarriage, but I’ve learned throughout this TTC that anything is possible. I hope I’ve helped.



    Afternoon everyone how are we all feeling I am very tired and a little sad. My hubby works 11-7 friday night, 6-7 sat night and 6-7 sun night and I do shifts also and this week I am working sat 7-730, sun 7-730 and mon 7-730 so guess we will be like passing ships in the night x


    there really blurry! But I will put some up you cant tell though 🙁



    mama2carol: An egg lives for three days and so do sperm. So if you bd’d on Tuesday then the sperm can swim around until your egg is released the next day and buda bang buda boom!
    I’ve had mild cramping the last 3 days and remember this feeling right before AF showed last month so not getting my hopes up. I’m really not sure what day i’m on, only on month 2 of TTC and I thought my cycles were 28 days but last was 25 so I will see this month then base my ‘ovulation calendar’ around the average. If i base it on last cycle then I am on 7dpo which, after calculating it, makes me feel better about the BFN I got this morning. I’ve been keeping track on a menstral tracker of the days i get cramps or headaches so I can easier track my Ovulation, I tried ovulation strips this month and every time I used one I got a second faint line so I’ve decided not to rely on them anymore, and just track my symptoms!



    id just go by your lmp till u get a dating scan..go to and try there sorry i cant be more help



    oh i think i know wot u mean….is that that ‘pain’ down there, that sharp pain? i got that wen pg last time, although not till later….



    Well i slept pretty much all day lol woke up at 8 with DD and fell asleep (drifted back and forth til 11) woke up and put DD for a nap at 3 and we both slept until 6…im still tired! ugh wish i could say this was a symptom but my temps are tellin me otherwise!


    Hi I see a lot of names I haven’t seen before ..guess that’s because I’m usual on during the day time but I can’t sleep and just got home from work. Any possible bfps?



    gator… on tuesday it was dark but not as dark as the referense line. My cycles are about 37 days long and im on cd 17



    CD4 🙁 Can’t wait for AF to get out of town so hubby and I can get started on the BD!



    Lol D…could be haha maybe sumone should google it



    crazym- sounds like good signs to me. Hopefully if you test in a few days your BFP will be here!


    Im so happy for all the ladies who got BFP’S!!! Congrats! Im still waiting to test, I just don’t know… Im still expecting AF to rear her ugly head…


    I just got my BFP tonight!!! By bb’s have been really sore the past two weeks and then this week certain foods have been making me feel sick, so I said what the heck, lets go ahead and test and the two lines popped up. 🙂



    yay diane 🙂 sooo glad to hear it hun!

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