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    Everyone says Lucky Charms are yummy – in the UK im wondering what they would be like ?



    rll~ that sounds really promising!! will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! how long have you been ttc?



    well had another temp rise from 7.45 to 7.58 im on CD36 AF is due tomarrow. did another HPT and another BFN. i know i should of waited a couple of days befor i tested again but i have like 40 hpts…lol.. so well see what happens good luck and sticky baby dust to everyone



    Cocoloco…I am onto my next month too…I am super gluing baby dust to my butt and not only will I get pregnant this month…it will actually STICK this time! Baby dust to you too!!!!!!!


    lillhill79,~~~Beckybear – Thanks =) that info explains alot, Now I know I ovulated for sure….

    Hey Diane! =)



    i hope it works for u crazy & there are not too many side effects :/ I think ur right wanna, if still no AF or BFP soon then get to the docs, GL


    MyAngelTwin~ Your PREGNANT!!! LOL Quit POAS!



    this might cheer you up…..:

    Step 1…Pee on the stick. (must be sure to hold it under urine stream for a heartbeat longer than recommended just to be sure).

    Step 2…Stare at stick while you continue peeing. Feel heart jump when urine passes over the spot where the line would be and it hitches for a second, then gets a dark line…then keeps going, taking your dark line with it to the test window.

    Step 3…Place on bathroom counter. Pretend not to stare at it. Let’s try to give yourself busy work to keep from looking at it. In fact, your toilet now gets cleaned once per day.

    Step 4…Tell yourself you are expecting a BFN. Then start to mist up when you see that it is, in fact, a BFN. Stare at the blank spot for a full minute before picking it up.

    Step 5…First, go to window and check it under day light.

    Step 5…Now, stand on toilet to be closer to light in ceiling. Check strip.

    Step 6…Close one eye. Squint other eye.

    Step 7…Turn on several lamps around house. Hold strip under lamp. Check strip.

    Step 8…Hold strip OVER lamp. Check strip.

    Step 9…Hold strip in front of lamp so light shines THROUGH strip, just in case.

    Step 10…Pull stick apart. Hesitate for a heartbeat when you realize you are holding the still wet ‘wick’ in one hand, then continue the destruction.

    Step 11…Repeat Steps 5-9.

    Step 12…Throw stick away.

    Step 13…Pick stick back up out of trash.

    Step 14…Repeat Steps 12 and 13 the rest of the day!



    Arlz, i’m kind of in the same boat only my DH can’t finish the job. By the third day its nearly impossible. So I told him we should try every other day and see how that works out.



    baby786 -> no worries I don’t need credit at all I just thought it was cute that it was used. 🙂



    chrissy – I really like your story, that’s super cute that you couldn’t speak and was crying, it’s sweet!



    im really sorry katmoma 🙁



    Good morning ladies. Today I am 12 DPO and I am trying VERY hard to wait til tomorrow to test. AF is due on the 11th. **Baby Dust to all**



    only bd on the day of ur pos opk, then bd the following 2 days, then miss a day & add another bd sess jst for luck lol thats what they say u should do….i BDd tje day before, the day of & the day after the surge this cycle….mustve worked!! 🙂 GL


    Right im off shopping now ladies and i will speak to you all tomorrow and let you know how our romoantic evening went 😉

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