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    I’m SO tired today. I tried to take a nap earlier but my daughter would not let me ;(



    Sorry tbt



    Dawn, what does SA mean? Sorry it was bad news whatever it was. Know you’d said dh has low sperm count, is this something else? What does it mean for you ttc then? Sorry x



    This will be my first month trying it. I’m trying everything that might help. If it doesn’t work I will be using a combo of the soy and preseed since that seemed to help some others on here.



    Congrats bankerchic! Wow 13 months ttc whoo hoo great news! Kristy, I have no idea how to do the temp method or I have no idea what all the acronyms are that are used on this site. Because I conceived both my sons with in two months time spam of tcc both times. I never learned how to do temps and other methods. This is my 1st month tcc. Maybe I’ll read about this temp method. I always wondered what it was about. I bought one test stick. Using it on the day of my period which is to be the 29th. I’ll be back then. Good luck ladies. Thanks for the support.



    brie, try not to freak out hun! since u only took it (im assuming) twice, you should be okay, whereas you would have a bigger chance of something happening if you took the full dosage! congratualitons hun and good luck with everything!



    Ladies I have a concern hoping you all can help me if possible. I had an iodine CT scan yesterday for rectal bleeding (tmi) sorry. Anyhow the CT scan revealed that I had a left collapsed follicle cyst meaning I ovulated. Does anyone know how long a collapsed follicle cyst will continue to appear in a scan after ovulation? I just called the ER and was told my urine test was negative and no blood test was done. I expressed concern about ttc and radiation exposure. Oh and imcase any one wonders I’m ok I wound up having a fissure thanks to the prenatal vitamins.



    anyone try FertilAid for men or women??? i’m thinking of getting it for the hubby and me



    Hopeful- My prayers are with you. I am truly sorry for your loss.



    an O dip? whats that



    I have a question- my cycles have always been around 25 days but the last few have been 21/22 days. I know having a short leutal phase can cause problems with conceiving but I’m hoping mine will be just about long enough. Think I O around day 11/12, this would mean I’m only 10 or 11dpo when AF is due, if I did get pregnant, do you think I would get a BFP then given that is when AF was due or should I not expect to get one til nearer 14dpo when I’d be about 3 or 4 days late? I’ll try & hold off from testing til 14dpo to save the disappointment with BFN’s but just interested to hear anyones opinion on it, as I know I’ll be obsessing about it when the time comes! Thanks



    Question: is a pounding headache a symptom of pregnancy? cause no matter what i do i cant get rid of his head ache and today im feeling nausious so thats a good sign. i feel like crap but thats what happens when you have a baby lol.



    Anyone order opks from baby wishes before? I placed my order on the 18th and it shipped the same day and it still hasn’t arrived! Ughhhh! I should have been testing since the weekend, I just want to confirm that I ovulated 🙁
    good luck baby786!



    it did not look positve as last months which was a sure fire surge howver the line did get darker on saturday but by sunday it faded and monday was gone howver my digital did not detect O at all!


    ok so for the past week i have had a metallic taste in my mouth , the past two days my boobs out of no where started to hurt but a week ago i noticed how veiny my boobs look and tonight i even seen veins in my areolas which i know werent there before and they feel heavier . today or tomorrow i should be starting AF but if it doesnt come i will probably test in a couple more days . I just turned 30 and this will be my first if i am *crosses fingers* baby dust to all

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