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    Got AF 1-1-10 and on 1-8 I had some left side twinges, cm was watery, on 1-11 I had center, little to the left, cramping, still have this today, 1-13. Not a lot of CM but it has been mostly EWCM. My last cycle, was 25 days, prior to that I had been 28-28 days. Not sure if I O’d on the 8th or 11th. After my last MC doctor said to not stress out about temping and OPK, when it happens it will, so I have nothing else to go on. I usually get O pain but it usually doesn’t last for more than 1 day, not sure what is going on. DTD on 1-7 moring, 1-8 night, 1-9 morning, 1-11 night, 1-12 night. Any would be great, thanksI



    Aknewmom- thanks!!! We both thought the same thing about the baby sucking his thumb. Both my husband and I were both big thumb suckers so it’s quite possible this one will be too. I too have no desire to be on FB or any social media for that my experiences, it’s only caused me trouble and drama. I don’t need any extra unwanted people and drama in my life, so I just avoid it all. We are tying to wait until my daughter birthday party one Nov. 22 to surprise her and everyone else at the same time..I almost caved yesterday and told my mom but I didn’t. I’m really hoping I can keep it in that long!!! Il be exactly 20 weeks and probably showing but hopefully I can hide it!


    well……. 🙁 BFN!!!!!!! well aunt flo needs to hurry up n show herself then! Still bd because we can and we love it lol well congrats to everyone with their bfp!!!!! I am very excited for u girls!!! I shall keep u girlies posted and shall test this sunday again 😉



    Congrats mamabearof3 what a Merry Christmas it will be. Kelley82879 hopefully this BFP trend carries through for us too. KMFX you catch that egg. Im hoping my pos opk comes within the next few days. gonna start bding tonight.



    hmmmm maybe try another test in 10 – 14 days. If nothing and still no AF, ask the doc for a blood test. Try not to worry, cos that may delay AF. I have read your profile, it seems that you have found a good man now, so try not to worry x



    i went to the dr today but i didnt get my result yet could i take a pregnancy test and find out or no?



    Brianne. I believe it is possible but the percentage chance is insanely small. I would be more inclined to think your hormones are playing up for some reason. Been stressed at all??



    right thats me logging off, and going for a pint with my dad!!! then to pick my nimph of an 8 year old!!! have a good day everyone :0) x



    mama2liv…it takes most healthy couples 6 to 12 mos to concieve (on average–each month u have a 20-25% chance of conceiving) some people take less time then others, it doesnt matter if u have had a kid before or not lol trust me, i have been trying for way to long and my daughter is 18 mos! good luck 🙂



    ok I better go and cook some dinner have a good night everyone



    That’s great news Hoping 🙂



    I am ALWAYS happy to talk about food Trying! I like yule logs. Do you have those in Canada?



    hey everyone, hope you are all doing alright today! I’ve have this blasted headache since last night, sigh, it just won’t go away! And felt sick to my tummy this morning, blah. Maybe its a good sign that i feel ike crap?!?



    joan – you are in the ame situation as me – keeping everything crossed for us both!!!! Let me know how you get on


    Someone help me here – when you see CM discharge does that mean it’s your fertile time or OV time? I usually get it for a day or two then it goes away. I never really questioned what it was before. I just figured it was part of being a woman…obviously it is, but can you track the days you should BD by this?

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