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    has anyone in here gotten a BFP from using preseed?



    Got another faint bfp today, but having trouble uploading on here. I posted it in a fb group and everyone sees it so far, so I might pick.up some dollar tests later.



    Hoping, my friend called m yesterday too wondering if I knew anything that would help with nausea


    Thank you ducky , I didnt have fertile CM until CD17 and then I had ewcm on CD19 and I must have O’d and that was the last time I had BD so that had 2 have been when it happened . So don’t worry and just keep BD *FX*


    Thanks Tahlia, hope to see you in the preggo weeks soon!



    What are you all doing/not doing to get pregnant and also during the 2ww? I won’t be taking any NSAIDs and trying to cut back my caffeine intake as these can affect implantation. I am also trying to make sure I get enough folic acid and eating a little pineapple to help with implantation. With our last pregnancy, I was taking prenatals, charting my bbt, taking OPKs, and doing a 20 min hip tilt after bd-ing to help move things along.



    I know a littttleee about cervix monitoring…



    Thank you girls for the replies. It was comforting. I decided not to test until my period which is suppose to be here on Weds or Thurs at the latest. Wish me luck! I really hope this is my time of the month!



    hoping – the pregnancy that I m/c’d, I suspected pregnancy before my BFP because the cramps I was having were very different, also was more tired.



    akilah-n-the-BEE : No implantaion bleeding yet but it did say its between 7-10 dpo and im at 7 today so maybe in the next couple days… 🙂 and 7 days til test day for me 🙂



    Yeh exactually, well im kinda hopeing for a boy coz we only want to kids. But well proberly end up with a girl my bf had lots of girl spermys haha (he has 2 daughters) but how rude I think, she’s only been with him a year me and my bf first got together 7 years ago, and we don’t think they’ll last long enough to have kids, or if they do I rekon my bil will do a runner from her. But still were having our kids now and were calling our girl Lily lol . Omg my daughters 21 months today, 3 months and shell be 2 🙁 … mfbrown how did they get in if its ment to be all locked up? That’s freaky hehe



    Well AF will be here in the morning. I’m having light brown spotting. Maybe next month 🙁



    Sowright, I know how to post the link to a FF chart, but I am not sure if you can post a chart directly, unless you are saving the chart as a jpeg on your desk top and then uploading it to your pics… you can also save the pic on your desktop, and then save it in photobucket, and add the HTML code to your profile page (just go to edit profile, and click the HTML link to paste the code to your page)



    Just looking at the calendar… AF is due Dec 19. If she doesn’t show, I’m going to wait until Christmas morning to test. Please Santa, bring me a BFP!!!!



    What’s that site like ff?

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