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    Thanks dear!



    wowo sunflower you would go trhough quite a few each month how much does this all cost you and if you get internet ones wast the go and prices and that seeing your in australia as well.. iam in nsw near byron bay.. seeing everyone knows where that is lol. yeah the ones in the chemist i was lookign at today where the obviuos brands and ranges from 18 dollers to 24 for 7 ‘o’ and 1 preg stick.. so you recomned the internet ones. adn they def work for you ?? feel free to inbox me if its not ot much also good to chat with other ladies in australia i feel like theres not many aussies on here lol



    going alright not sure what CD I am on as I have 2 possiblities. I am either CD 12 or CD 5 as I had a light bleed on the 19th and then nothing and then a bleed from the 26th which is kinda still going (very light)…started taking OPK to try a work out where I am. Going to the doctor tomorrow as she told me to see her again when i get a period (which was the problem – I wasn’t getting any!) so now I have one (and quite bad cramps with this one)…sorry to rant and rave


    So yeasterday after the mess I have been having with the BFP HPT and the BFN HPT following I took an OPK (last pregnancy I got a BFP OPK with my BFP HPT) and the OPK was BFP… but the HPT was BFN… I am so lost lol



    HI ladies….I haven’t checked in in awhile but have been quite the lurker! Congrats to the new BFP’s & lots of baby dust to those still TTC. I am currently in the TWW – I think I ovulated on Sunday. This TWW business is a pain! It drives me nuts. I actually just had a m/c in early May. Doc told me to wait until I had two periods…but we are trying now. My eggs are starting to rott…so I need to get to it. Anyone else in the TWW??



    Well still waiting on blood work results from yesturday had little bit of brown mucus so I thought af was coming since i was really crampy but nothing since. So in a perfect world the spotting could have been from the yeast infection I have and the doctor will call today and say that i am indeed pregnant!!!! hahahahha well a girl can dream right? Congrats to all the BFP’s this past week or two and babydust to the rest of us still here!!



    I thought I had already ovulated this month, but I just got my 2 pink lines on my OPK, guess it’s time to BD…Yay.



    @ heather, I don’t tell hubby when its possible to get pregnant unless he asks as he feels too much pressure and can fail to seal the deal. We were disscussing this the other day and most hubbys/partners are happy to TTC but don’t want to know the science or put any planning into it, mines the same and he says it will happen when it happens but I want it to happen now (like everyone). Maybe get some sexy underwear, get a sitter and have date night preferby around fertile time followed by some BDing once your home. Think the key is be spontanous, chose different times of day and places. I know some of the girls do role play and act out their hubbys fantaises. Good luck hope you catch that egg soon.





    I love the fudge at Bass Pro too! I get the praline cheescake! Too die for! i will have to try a cookie when I go next time.



    Thanks Sarah! Big time congrats to you!!!!!!



    ballerinagirl – Welcome & Good Luck! I must say, I thought it would happen to us the 1st month, however we were not that lucky. So funny, you try all your life NOT to get preggo and it is actually not as easy as you tink! However, since I’ve joined this network, I discovered lots of lovely ladies & unbelievable support & answers to all the questions I’ve had for so long. Baby dust to you.



    Congrats Kiley!!!!


    @ Lkdream – no symptoms might be a good thing. I had sharp pains, a sore back, sore boobies & nausea this past week & was 2 days late & AF still arrived. Goes to show how reliable symptoms are! NOT! haha GL hun, FX for you



    sooo momof2 i say a BFP is BFP 🙂 Congrats!!!!!!!!

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