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    Thanks ladies! I’m still confused, though. I can’t believe I already got a very obvious ‘pregnant’ so early? This would only make me 2 weeks pregnant. I didn’t’ think an hpt could pick up enough hormones to get a clear positive so early??



    jezzi- I had the copper iud for 13 months after my previous daughter got pregnant after 4 months of taking it out, my monthly cycle went back to normal after 3 months then got pregnant in the 4th month. goodluck



    (big smile) That’s great!! I love bfp’s!!!! I think we should all have them…and we will. ; ) My best friend/sister type person is going to be giving birth to her first in February!! Can’t wait to meet my niece. I think God is testing my heart to see what I am made of–dh and I have been trying since July 06 and she got pregnant on her honeymoon. But I am VERY HAPPY for her…at least I can live vicariously through her. lol



    im 9dpo….hmmm….maybe ill test now.sure it probably will be negative though.good thing I bought the 50 pack of strips lmao >.<



    Wow, today marks the last day of the 2009 BFP blogs! In total, they have announced approximately 500 BFPs from people who used to/still post here on the TTC and TTC after Loss Forums (occasionally I would spot some in the blogs). Of course, there were many more newly pregnant women who joined IAP and never did post here on the forums, or in the blogs, and so their names are not in the blogs. A HUGE CONGRATS TO ALL THE WOMEN WHO BECAME PREGNANT OR HAD A BABY IN 2009!!



    ladies…I need your help,im freaking out almost 4 days late….and still testing negative on the wondfo strips.even when I was pregnant for sure with my last pregnancies I didn’t show for a few days after my missed period with a frer though.i have my okp test here and the test line is as dark as the control line….I have never had a positive opk before because I just got them this month after I ovulated and I ovulated early.i did try to take the opk’s to determine if I ovulated early but they were always light and im getting the lines all strong?



    Monica9- You said it perfect..that’s exactly how I had felt for what seemed like soo long, a year..that’s how long it took for us to conceive after our loss. I was OPK’ing & everything then finally I decided to not let it constantly be on my mind, TTC was taking over my every thought every single day of every month, I was thinking about it way too much & so I decided to just let it happen if it was going to happen….2 mo’s later here we are pregnant..finally!! But, I so know what ya mean, I can definitely relate to that. Hang in there, ladies!



    I definitely notice a rise in libido too, forgot to include that one. I don’t track my cycles, just do a basic estimate based on cycle length so IF I estimated correctly, my fertile time is supposed to be this week with peak being the 22nd. We BD the last 2 days but now I am trying to figure out how we are going to squeeze in BD during the week! DH has a job with crazy hours, by the time he gets home, showers, eats etc. it is already late and we both pass out. We will have to make some time!



    That’s too funny – I had refreshed the screen before you had edited the comment to post the pic!



    Congrats Brandy!! That’s amazing news!! FX that those number keep climbing!!



    Tove….you can buy clomid?



    8 dpo here and temp is back up, and had tiny bit of spotting last night, hmm. really wondering now, also some nausia last night and this morning, I wonder if they could pick it up by thursday at the fertility doctors apt.


    alaina…did you post pics? exciting!



    Hi Ladies,
    I am on CD 11 and finished my 1st round of Clomid 100mg on days 3-7. Hoping to ovulate and and get a + OPK soon. I don’t ovulate on my own so I hope Clomid does its job!! Anyone else TTC and taking Clomid ?



    above~I’m so sorry for your loss, miscarriage is so hard. I understand what your going through if you want to talk.

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