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    DH and I had sex two nights ago. Had some lower abdominal tenderness today so I thought I may have ovulated. Took an Ovulation Preditor and it was positive for a LH surge. Maybe his little swimmers will be still hanging out there as I likely just gave up an egg!



    And showing up right around the correct time too…. I’ll check back in the am on that!



    Congratulations April…. an instant faint line is so good. i remember when i tested for my son all i had was sore boobs and my mom said oh u must be pregnant and i was like oh whatever i have only just tried (didnt tell her that). was 3 days before AF was due and i poas, left it on the corner of the bath and went to make coffee. when i went back to the bathroom a few minutes later it was there – faint but there. i retested the next morning and it was much darker so i have faith that tomorrow it will be dark for u. you are definitely pregnant……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo



    coco – great advice, I love the not peeing on the same sticks comments!! too funny!


    Mesjdwilliams- unfortunately there will be no way of knowing one way or the other 🙁 i had this happen to me about 6 months ago while still on borth control. AF was extremely heavy and the worst cranping o my life, i didnt sleep for two days because they were so bad. I had gone to the doctor and mentioned it and he said it was possible that it was a very early misscarriage i had but there was no way to know for sure.


    Got a REALLY faint + last weekend so i took another HPT the next morning and it was neg. Took one this morning and it was Neg. So we’ve decided to try something new!!! I have very irregular AF. She only comes about 3 or 4 times a year… so I start Birth control today. I will take them for 3 weeks then when AF comes I will start my Soy pills!!! Hopefully this is work. I have success stories with this and we are praying it works for us!!! Wehave been TTC for 10 months and it seems like forever!!! Wish us luck!!! Baby Dust to everyone!!!



    Ok so as some of you know.. I mc’d on the 4th.. I stopped bleeding 2 days ago though and had ttc last night.. Just now spotted.. Could this be implantation.. In all 4 of my pregnancies ive never had implantation bleeding.. Does it happen that fast? Tell me what ya think ladies!!



    just with the huge dips and the 3 days straight of the same temp lc



    Thanks, girls, but to be honest,just cant handle another bfn, especially after the two very faint positives on Sunday and then testing bfn again Monday. Besides, maybe i don’t wanna waste the expensive Clear Blue, lol! My very first after all the cheap ones since starting TTC, lol. Ps: Erin, hubby bought me a Samsung Galaxy tab today, and the first thing i downloaded from the Apps was this Pink Pad app you were mentioning! I like it! Got the same name there 🙂



    Sorry, angelina. 🙁


    red- when is AF due to arrive?



    good morning ladies, CD14 here and not temp rise yet but I am very hopeful that I’ll ovulated soon….how is everyone this morning?



    Feel so sick 🙁 think I’ve caught a bug :'( xx



    Ok, so I have a question about OPKs. I Googled, and can’t find the answer, so I am calling on all our collective experience!! I am not TTC this month, but I am using OPKs to make sure I DON’T get pregnant – avoiding BD once the OPK gets medium dark. So, today’s OPK is fairly light, but then I notice the left edge of the test strip is as dark as the control strip. No these are Wondfo tests, the super thin strips – so when I say the edge of the test line is dark – it’s suuuuper thin. I have read some comments about internet OPKs that say to go by the darkest part of the strip, while other comments say to go by the widest part of the strip… who do I believe!?? My cervix is being tricky… as is my CM… temps don’t indicate ovulation yet. We have been ‘safe’ all month with protection, but I can’t have another ‘oops’ – I NEED answers from my appointments in November!! Thoughts and experience would be appreciated!



    OMG.. From all the research i have been doing.. i think my period is late (i know i should know this) i am scared to test. wont till friday. last period was dec 10, 2012… since i had my IUD taken out on Oct 13, period on Oct 15 2012… Next period November 12… Last period on Dec 10… those 3 period are 28 days cycle time… today i am cycle day 30… OMG can this really be it… scared and excited… but i haven’t tested to get results… Holding off till friday… i still haven’t started my period…

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