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    hi RylansMommy, isn’t it frustrating!! I didn’t do the charting for ovulation and all, because I just figured, ok I was able to have the first one so the next will be easier, SO NOT the case! I got into serious BD mode(BD every other day) this month and I am just soooo tired now LOL I guess after the first one, it’s hard to BD all the time. have u tried the OPK and all? I have such a long cycle, 36-40 days it’s hard to figure out when I’m O. good luck!



    Hiya girls, I’m a bit confused – I was convinced I was pg and just waiting to test up until today, when I woke up I just didn’t feel it anymore and now I am aching in my lower back (sacral area) and dull cramps 🙁 maybe AF is gonna make an unwelcome appearance after-all!


    That will be some awesome Christmas Presents!! I hope everyone gets their BFP!! I should wait until then…. but I probably won’t be able to! I just found out my best friend is pregnant so I am really hoping we can be pregnant together! My sister is 30 weeks right now. (she’s on this site) and it would be nice to have a little one close to her little girl!

    I live in RI and we are getting a lot of snow too! We shoveled about 6ish inches around 5 and there are another 3-4 out there on top of where we shoveled!



    lol Kendora, try to see it as background stuff we are doing to be healthy, whether TTC or not. That way it does not add to TTC stress. If you have a well balanced diet, then there is not a huge need to supplement with extra vitamins outside the prenatal – it just helps to take it if you need help filling the gaps! I don’t eat enough fruit, or red meat in my diet, so supplements help me there 🙂


    well AF didnt arrive today! YAY!!! hopefully she wont come for the next 9 months. I took a test but it was neg. i will test in a couple days. and call the doc Mon morning =)



    I have the ovulation pain right now. It actually is quite intense. I have never had it before so I was kind of alarmed by it. I hope it is normal.



    Hi Sarah! I remember you from pregnancy 🙂 I was LynnG then but for some reason my profile was gone so I started a new one



    I’m so confused! I’m CD37, and no af. Earlier I had weird pain at the outside of my left boon near the armpit I thought bra underwire may have bruised or something and didn’t think anything of it, later I got same thing on the right now tingling and nipples really hot and I’m having hot flashes. Boobs are all of a sudden sore, uncomfortable and my feel to be hot. If I am pg I still have no bfp and I would be 5w2days pg. Anyone had similar during early pregnancy???



    Rooey – Thanks for that. I will see if I can make sense of the instructions. If not I will give you a shout. Thanks



    Hey ladies, how are we all today, tonight, depending where you are.



    hoping- I’m 11 dpo and af is due thursday.



    Congrats dk! If you are seeing lines on more than one test, you are pregnant! The internet needs to be updated on lots of the info out there about pregnancy tests, because in the past couple of years, tests (especially tests like Dollar store brand and first response or answer) have gotten SOOO much more sensitive at detecting the pregnancy hormone! Many tests will pick up a BFP on the day of implantation! Implantation usually happens 7 – 10 DPO, so you are seeing an early, but common these days, BFP! Congrats 🙂



    OK..I am feeling down. DH and I BD last night just for fun being on on my 2ww. I had an orgasm and afterwards I had the thought ‘maybe that wasn’t good to do during 2ww’ and rushed to to see what I could find. Sure enough, people out there say you should NOT orgasm during 2ww. I just didn’t think of it (until after of course). Any thoughts on this?


    congrats Bdoe!!!! What meds did take….hmmmm? Lol



    right I am off to the bed for some sleeping! good night all and may this week bring us many many BFP’s!!!

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