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    I would test now if I was you, but I’m a POASaholic!!!



    mom – He’s home for now and doing pretty well. He’s got tons of appointments before the actual bypass procedure so we’ll see how he’s functioning when it gets closer to time. I’m sure he’ll be scared. I would be if it were me. Heck, I’m scared with it being my dad, but I would be MORTIFIED if I knew I was going to get my chest cracked open… I’m just really hopeful that this will make him feel better. He’s been really sick for a long time.


    how is your due date 11/12/11??? if im pregnant now like they’re thinking im due 2-3-11…


    I have a mind like a steal trap, everything goes there, then I can’t find it.



    Well AF didn’t show up yesterday, idk why my body would go from 33 to 29 and up again. IDK i keep having dreams that im saying im pregnant and my stomach has the feeling of excitment like its so real!! I think im gonna go to planned parenthood today, its free so i dont have to spend any more money lol! Ill keep you guys updated. Baby dust!!



    question how would i know or the doctor if i was pregnant i would be only 2 days since i ovulated shouldnt my temps be hight by now?? or does the cervix close??



    whatcouldbe- that is a puzzler to me. maybe you should make a dr appt. to figure out whats going on.



    good morning ladies. Just thought id stop by a sprinking some ttc blinkie Pictures, Images and Photos for all of you!

    LaLa- my AF hasnt shown up yet and i am on CD42, I average bout 37 CD’s. I took a test yesterday and it was a BFN, i have been going to the bathroom more and i am so tired it is crazy! I dont understand either! I’m thinkin i am going to wait another week and if still no AF i will be making the appointment we all love to make with the female doc. Good luck to you!



    So I’m on CD 7. Seems like this is taking forever.. I hate waiting so much.. first I waited for AF to start, now I wait for O.. then it’s the 2WW.. The last time I charted (January 2008) I O’d on day 19.. however, that was the only cycle I’ve ever charted because I got pg that cycle, and I’m just coming off of Seasonale this time.. I hope I O this month!



    I have just done a HPT and BFN – i am 9 days late. Whats goin on?



    good luck and my prayers are with you!



    Hey ladies,am i alone? X


    I got 40 opks and 10 hpts on amazon for a total of under 15 bucks and it arrived quickly , so did the preseed.



    ok ladies i have a thyroid and im on pills and i would like to know if it wolud be hared to get perrgo can you let me know thank you baby dust to all



    @baby– that made me LOL im not into THAT much, but when i get going he better watch out! lol

Viewing 15 posts - 16,651 through 16,665 (of 131,346 total)

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