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    Hello Ladies!! I am back from london and the good news is that my DD’s condition is not genetic and therefore my second child will probably not have the same health condition. Even though the shances are higher abou t2% just because my first child had that condition – but still it is not genatic. I feels good to know exactly where we stand ……………… thanks ladies for talking me out of ttc even before i see the doc/genatic test ………………. today is my DD’s second b’day though did not thing great since we are still recovering from the london trip ………… have a great day ladies ……………



    Ok ladies, this might be TMI, but I need some opinions. I was on Camila BC for almost a year (due to nursing my son for 10 months and then just stayed on it for a few months). I took the last pill Sep. 13. I had a period (or maybe breakthrough bleeding, but it was a lot) at the end of Aug. and then had a follow-up gyn. appointment on Sep. 2. I then had another period (or breakthrough bleeding, but it was a lot) on Sep. 6. So, I should have had a period by now, right? Or should I go by the 2nd time and maybe I’ll have one any day now. I have tested (several times and the last one was yesterday morning) and get BFNs. Any opinions will help. Thanks!



    onlythingiwantmostinlife- I am sorry you are feeling that way 🙁 Sending you cyber hugs! I know how painful the process of ttc can be. I hope you change your mind about giving up xo



    I’ve found that when you enter in Cervical position and sometimes even CM that the O day might change. Thats a rough chart (to me anyway) to figure out what happened too actually since theres no difference from the before or after temps really just a dip between. Part of me wonders if you’d O’d on the 5th since temps have been above that for a while but I’m not the yoda of charts… Wheres Diane or cpalmer!? haha



    Ugh Nik, I know what you mean, Testing early sucks, but at the same time fun… I got a faint positive yesterday on a clearblue, just not the digital. I am going to try a first response. On another note, I woke up, and had horrible gas pains, I took another prenatal gummy vitamin and guess what? It made me sick.. Ugh.. When I am preggers I can’t take prenatals they make me sicker than a dog. Ugh. I am going to go see if my faint positive darkened any…. ugh!



    Congrats Sweetie ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy healthy nine months to you!!!!!!!


    I posted this in the pregnancy forum , but I then realised it doesn’t get checked very often . I’m 4.5 weeks preggers , and I have a question … Ok you know how when you check your pulse the way your vein throbs , well in my lower abdomen I am getting that kind of a sensation , is that normal ? This is my first and I am 30 y/o so I don’t have the slighgtest idea what to expect .


    We still want 3 children, but no more. And that is the recomended limit for c-sections, though people obviously do have more.



    Good luck mommy! I appreciate the insight. Its refreshing. I will retest tomorrow, and ill have yhe results in the afternoon of the hcg test so either way tomorrow I will know for sure. I am prepared for a bfn, & its ok 🙂 Hope u get ur bfp!



    hey I’m not ‘alone’ lol



    Ok, posting a pic of my tests, what do you think….



    @ turtlefur hurry up and pee we’re all waiting got everything crossed for you.


    Well ladies…as some of you said really won’t know which one it is. I am just praying it is AF early (although we thought this month was going to be the one). So, to throw a wrench in it, my husband finally got his orders w/ report date after graduation on Friday. He has to report next Tuesday! Praying when Transportation opens Monday morning they can have somebody come pack us up ASAP so me and the boys can go down with him and not have to be away from him longer. With my AF being soo off, i am thinking the only way we will ever get our BFP is if we are trying everyday. Which wouldn’t be nothing out the ordinary for us, even before TTC. lol. But he has been gone for the past 6 months so its been impossible so i am ready to be back under one roof so we can get back to it. I’m trying to keep a positive mindframe. We both really want another baby.



    Kia Ora Aroha Mai


    Click ok im down!!!! lol

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