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    HMMMMMMMMMM I am slightly curious but not trying to get my hopes up :0P I have been looking more and more into if I could still be preggo even after af (and for the stupid life of me I can’t remember with DD if I’d had a period before finding out about her! Gr I wish I used to track this stuff) I am just thinking no way I can be but other things make me wonder still… and I never tested during a time it would have normally been positive… gah I hate giving myself any amount of hope lol. I just keep thinking about the stupid opks and how they’re darker and just things arent adding up in my head haha. Driving me crazy! but based on a chart I’ve plugged last cycle’s numbers into like my cycle each month ends on ‘too low to be able to test pos on home pregnancy test’ and then bam like the next day af is there as usual. So maybe that’s just how things roll for me? I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about this stuff way too much lol!



    cd 23 here, know I def ovulated as started temping again, and I know my pre o and post o ranges, but not sure when I belive i’m 2 to 9 dpo or so, af should be here between the 26th cd 28 and june 4th at the latest. so, we’ll see I have an appointment on june 10th so i’ll just have them check then if no af.


    completnme- we are here for you, I wish I knew the right thing to say but I all I know to say is think about it and your relationship, you are the only one who can make the decision. I am soo sorry no woman should have to go through that!! Just remember you are a wonderful and beautiful person and no matter what happens you have your children to make you smile and bring you joy. Stay strong and keep your head up!!



    I figured with a light line on the OPK, it could still be LH in my system. Feeling super tired and exhausted, hoping it means something else not AF coming. It should be coming Tuesday, so I won’t test until then. Congrats kitty79!!



    Diane-taketwo, Ferma and Dee, Literally moments ago, not a SINGLE PERSON KNOWS OMFG BFP!!!! My earlier posts show my faint line test WELL, DIANE I got the Clearblue digital test and BAM! A year of trying ladies. This was to be the LAST month of trying as my husband said he was done ttc. Holy cow, I have been on this forum for SO LONG. I don’t post much but, every month was lamenting about AF arrival. I am shaking, OMG NO ONE knows…until I hit enter on this keyboard…holy cow, holy cow, holy….



    SQUARED & TERRIANN I’m sorry you two are still in limbo but hope it will turn into a BFP. As for me I’m CD4 almost done with af visit 😉



    Has anyone used natural progesterone (USP) cream?



    Ugh. Why did DH have to get sick today…..we tried….but he couldn’t…umm…well…complete the job……he’s so sweet to make an attempt as this is an optimal day… frustrating……..hoping tomorrow is a better day…….



    It’s been awhile since I have read the TTC message boards. Congrats to all the BFP’s!!! I am 4 DPO or something like that… I sat here catching up on all that I have missed and ate a whole bag of 90 sec rice. I don’t even like the stuff!!! I have been eating today like no other. I hope I get a BFP this month so I have something to blame on my pigging out 🙂



    Momiib – the earliest I have ever got a BFP was 9dpo, and that was every faint on a FRER



    Good luck Eeyore! I know they will have an action plan for you that will work 🙂



    Congratulations cocoloco ! I am so happy for you! Here’s to a happy and healthy 9 months!



    Hi All, I haven’t been on in a while, I am at CD 29, Generally my cycles are around 30-36 (as long as I don’t get a super long cycle like last month), so I am going to wait to test til next Tuesday the 18th if no Af by then. I don’t feel pregnant, although I have had no appetite and slightly nauseas for the past 2-3 days. I think I could be 12 dpo because I saw ewcm, approx 12 days ago. So we will see, but I don’t feel any ‘different’ so I doubt this is the month…oh well..I just keep trying…



    Okay…based on ovulation testing and cm that i’ve been having, think i def ovulated. Think it was probably today – but just to be sure bd yesterday too…now the dreaded 2 ww begins…good luck to all of the rest of you who are waiting too!



    I just look forward to December. Baby dust and best wishes to all the November new mommies!! Anyone with me for December? (I’m trying to sound excited) : )

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