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    shower me with baby dust,if i get pregnant this month my due date will be on my marriage day that will be so awesome…i wish i will….take care all you preggos



    im not bleeding anymore it stoped as quick as it started…..i dunno because i was in the middle of changing drs so i dont techinally have one so i had to go to the hospital to get test done so i have no idea when i get the results



    Smiles- I couldn’t wait either!! I had a cheapie here at home and took it this morning with SMU. I saw a very very faint line after 3 minutes. I’m not sure if I should be happy since it could just be an evap line.
    I did add it to my pictures and also inverted the pic. Can you ladies tell me if you see it?



    we are still on ten But Chicken mouse promised she would pee this morning and confirm her possible and hopeful positive! so we shall have to wait and hope!



    Hello Ladies! I am new to the TTC board. Heaven just got another precious Angel today…I am pretty bummed! If you want to read my story, please visit my blog and you can read it there. Too long to tell here!!! I can’t wait to get to know all of you and to share our thoughts & stories! If after you read my blog and the same thing happened to you, please let me know…I feel like I am all alone in a life raft in the ocean 🙁 I need a shoulder or two to lean on! My DH is being VERY uncompassionate right now. He is now complaining that he has to cook dinner tonight! I feel like taking off and going to The Ritz Carlton on his credit card to get some peace and quiet and pamper myself- what do you all think??!!!! LOL!



    lol I am getting more and more excited very hard not too lol but still scared to test on monday lol



    Hi ladies. My husband and I are planning on ttc next cycle. However we haven’t been careful this one so I believe that I am about 4 or 5 dpo.



    Sharon where abouts in the UK are you? Berry and I can come to see you!



    Jlea – I hope they can do something to raise your progesterone levels. Sending you all my best baby dust.



    lawwa- With my 2nd child, I didn’t find out that I was pregnant until 9 weeks because I had AF that lasted just 36 hours, and I thought I’d just lucked up and had an easy AF. (and I’d just come off of my bc pills the month before), so I didn’t think anything about it until AF didn’t show up at all that next month. I think I had even taken a pregnancy test that first month and gotten a bfn. I guess I just tested a few days too soon. 🙂



    So I said to myself i’m not going to drive myself mad this month by looking for every little sign that I could be PG! I’m telling myself we are out of the game this month because we didn’t BD for the last few days of my fertile period because DH was sick! Then last night and today im gettng this strange feeling I got with my other pregnancies early, the feeling that your heart is racing or beating irregularly…………ignore…….ignore, I am going to drive myself mad!! Lol



    **MOLAR**SURVIVOR!! good luck with your plans, I hope it all works out for you x x baby dust x x



    Hang in there ladies! Don’t forget how mean our brain is to us when we are TTC… we actually produce hormones that make our body mimic pregnancy… the good thing is, our body ‘practicing’ feeling pregnant often leads to us actually being pregnant. The extra progesterone, etc. all make it easier for an egg to implant. While what you are feeling is not pregnancy *yet* you may be on the verge of a BFP anyway – cautious optimism and good luck for testing over the next few days!



    anyone know what happen to the chat?



    Dear Pregnancy Test: if you give me one more BFN i will break you into peices and throw you in the trash…im not kidding! i wont come back 5 mins later, dig you out to ‘double check’ and then have you disappoint me for a second time. If you do not show me the BFP that you know i want to see there will be seriously trouble for you!! that is all 🙂

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