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    I am so pissed right now!! Ugh hubby went to go get our car from out of town about 2 hours away and istead of calling when he gets there he ignores my calls!! Is so selfish i swear ya know i want to make sure hes ok and i need things i am dying here! He could have atleast texted me and said on my eay home…SOMETHING he does this alot and it makes me so very angry!! If i don’t answer his calls he throws a fit but he can ignore mine!!! OMG IM GONNA RIP MY HAIR OUT!


    No Not temping .. no BBT… just really dont want to be disappointed this cycle … for those that dont know I MC’d sept 12 at 4.5 weeks and got AF 9/17 and now 2 weeks later have a postive OPK and ov cramps … i feel myself ov every month without fail and know this is it…. i just hope one of the little fishy’s will enter my egg!!! HA HA ! ☺☺ we didn’t have any trouble getting PG last month … I had a copper T IUD in for 10yrs got it removed 6/17 and conceived with my LMP of 08/10/2010…. so hopefully we can replace the little angel that we just lost this week … my body soo feels like it is missing something … it is craving being pregnant … send me baby dust and good thoughts everyone!!!



    Morning Sarah-I’m out this month, af showed 4 days late. How are you today?



    Thanks to those who commented on my AFP question! I know it is highly personal decision but it’s nice to see how people go through the motions of deciding what to do. I’m sure she’ll find it helpful.



    Cpalmer: I have to say I have tried for the past 2 months. I did try before but not whole heartedly because I was afraid. I think that is why. But I am up to it now. Alot of mind games for awhile, but I got it together now.
    And you? How long have you been trying?



    @toomany – the 21st is only 4 sleeps away (at least it is here in NZ) and I, as do many of the woman here, have our fingers crossed for you! It’s not over till the fat lady rears her head and sings, then you’ve just gotta shut her up, dust yourself off, and keep going.



    I Want a Bump: you can get EWCM before your period too – just to confuse us 😉



    Thanks ladies 🙂 I want to test now but I know it’s to early I will buy a early test tomorrow and test on Wednesday morning. Im due for af Monday 11 th. Fingers crossed for all u lovely ladies to xo


    Sticky baby dust*****************Productive BD dust as well**************Have a great day.



    If I have a cycle 30 – 35 days long this month, my due date will be July 5 – 10th. My b-day is July 5th, so a baby would be a lovely present 🙂



    Man-O-man…police officer husbands….that is hot. I’m sorry, but police officers and fire fighters…..hoo!



    well i was trying to catch up but im far to tired i couldnt sleep last night i was so excited, thank u for all the congrats 🙂 sorry about all the BFN and hoping theres gunna be LOTS of BFP this week and next *babydust*


    Has anyone used OPKs from ebay before ??? – i aint used any in a few months but bought some cheap ones im CD13 and still got a neg result im regular as clockwork AF shows on CD28



    Lain I hope u get ur allergies sorted out!! That must b very annoying 2 deal with! Oh & Yeh a baby would b pretty cool 2 lol! I’m good, jst hate this not knowing, wish af would show or a bfp….she’s due 2day so ill hopefully know soon enough! Lol


    I know and he has been waiting so long to have one done – fingers crossed gator : )

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