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    amarr~ yea if only we could all be on at the same time! lol Some of the ladies are going to bed when i get on here in the mornign 🙁 lol But im on alll the time unless im out or asleep im addicted lol!



    No problem- I understand the stress. I had a break down yesterday!



    Weegee- I’m sorry about AF arriving 🙁



    PK 10MINS!



    Terrac – Dairy Queen has a new Pumpkin Pie Blizzard also. Have not tried it yet.. But it is at the top of my list. Im thinking it is about time to head to the car. The theatres around here close a little earlier since it is sunday night.. and the nacho idea still sounds grand!


    I agree with clay and diane – i used to do the same thing check my ex myspace – and i ask myself why now i was only hurting myself


    baby..I think I O’d NY is the 4th right?


    Yes erin – they do sound promising – i will look forward to hearing another possible BFP



    chasitiy1~~I hope you’re doing ok. With my last m/c in June, I passed 2 or 3 soft ball sized clots….keep us posted. ((hugs))



    i have opk’s i’m using this month, only b/c i purchased like 14 of them last month. i’m using them for kicks, pos opk or not hubby and i are BDing every other day for about 2 1/2 weeks. after this month i’m not going to use them anymore. my dr told me not to, just BD at least 3 times a week. its hard to kind of let go and not try to have control over this.


    alaina698 ~~ Blue dye is horrible, stick with pink dye.



    cleo – you are going to buy an hpt test?



    You ladies are so great… thank you again for the Congrats! 🙂



    The bugger. Well ladies Im going to sign off. I will let you know if I have a +opk tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Ive got just over 3 yrs before doc wants to take one of my ovaries so times agaonst me. Not to mention Vince is 10 this year and we tried on/off to get Liam. Life huh! Goodluck to all.



    Good morning girls! Took 2 more 10 mIU HPTs this morning…again with the super faint lines! I’m actually a little sad…I totally figured they would be darker. =( My hCG beta is finished but I have to go fill out a paper so I can get the results but will be sure to post it here first! I am 10 dpo…do you think something might be wrong?? chemical pregnancy or something?

Viewing 15 posts - 18,271 through 18,285 (of 131,346 total)

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