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    I have 15 days till my next cycle! So im pretty sure i BD’d at all the right times! Actually i did it almost everyday since the last day of AF so im hoping we cought that egg!!! BABY DUST TO ALL!



    Thanks Phoenix- I really hope so too!! I know what u mean about the crocs I lived in my Diesel running shoes, they were so comfy, and when it got hotter I bought these comfy sandals from the Naturalizer.. The back pain from standing up is bad, the back pain from all really sux!! but so worth it of course 🙂



    Thanks Diane. I do have about 25 OPT strips in my bathroom cabinet so I decided to try one today. I got a faint positive. I am not getting excited…I will need my doctors word before I do that! 🙂



    CD48 today….still now AF…….had a very slight pinkish on the toilet paper yesterday after BDing, but it didn’t last but maybe an hour…..



    i miss my exercise. I have been walking 3-4 miles a day for most… last 20 years. With all the moving, traumatic jobs etc. My WALKINg, which I love has suffered. Need to GET back to it!!!



    Pretty good, I’ll be happy when I can shake this sore throat/cold/ear ache…whatever the heck it is.



    Thanks Diane! I stopped temping over the summer, but I started back up this cycle. My doc told me I was stressing earlier in the spring and I needed to throw out all the OPKs and temping stuff and just relax. Well, that really didn’t get me anywhere. I have an appointment in October and I would like to have a couple charts to take in. Plus, I’m wondering if anything has changed since the spring. We shall see. I usally get pretty bad headaches around ovulation and I do see a temperature change. I wasn’t getting a lot of EWCM, but I’m trying to increase the amount of water I drink and stay away from Coffee/soda (that’s a tough one for me). Hopefully that will help!



    Diane- LOL, I’m NOT one of those extremely horny ladies while pregnant, I’m the total opposite. DH and I only have sex during pregnancy cause I feel sorry for him ;0). We BD last night and today I noticed a couple specks of blood on TP, I told him I hope he enjoyed it because it’s going to be another week or two before it happens again.



    I might start charting this month. do i start while af is here? Any tips for getting started? sherry?? Di?? I hear you are the gurus! 🙂



    Hi Cherry



    lady godwin, have you tested yet?



    Hi Ladies, I just wanted to come in and sprinkle lots of baby dust on you all. I am just coming up 16 weeks pregnant after 3 previous losses. I spent a couple of months in this forum and I will never forget all the ladies TTC. I hope you are all celebrating BFPs very soon. Lots of love, Rach x x *sprinkle* *sprinkle*



    SQEEEN test i think u might be pregnant!!! i had my last period on feb 6th and im thank gd expecting my first



    Oh, my son was born in May, I must say, I love that he is a late spring baby, and here in Canada it’s the Victoria Day long weekend around his b-day, so he’ll always get a holiday around his b-day!



    Hey, thanks TerraC Im going to go have a look see…

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