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    well i just thought i would drop in to say hi!!!! been gettin excited about ttc again the break was good for me… just found out that one of my friends is preggo…



    welll and there’s af. Arriving on 10 dpo just like expected. That means I have a problem. :0(



    i say go you to those wanting to quit smoking.i smoked as a child and well for me i haev good will power and just stopped but i soooo now its not that easy. my mum smoked all her life and at 45 she just stopped smoking she went back smoking after that turn and then agin stopped except this time i got her tino my gym with me and friends and now its been oh over a yr and she hasnt whole lives we hated her smokign we’d harras her that it was one mroe nail in the cofin but shes finaly done it.. to those trying to quite destractions work wonders when you would usualy light up. eg the playstation togetehr lol loved that idea lil pigz…. good luck ladies



    WOW Sounds like a great day in here today!! Congrats SAZA on your early BFP!!! Happy Birthday Diane! and a Happy July 4th for those of you in the USA 🙂 I’m CD13, impatiently watching OPK get darker and darker but not yet positive, I’m hoping when I POAS today it will be positive and DH and I can get busy!!



    One more quick question, what brand of OPK do all of you gals prefer? I am going to get some. What is the best place (cheapest) to get them?



    Ashes~Is~TTC – Are you sure it’s not implantation bleeding???? Maybe you are right where you need to be and it will stop and you will still get your BFP.



    Turtlefur~I hear you with your butt on a pillow, but we said you must be walking bow-legged before the end of vacation. Smashley and Ballerinagirl~BOO to AF! She sucks! Hoping~SO excited for another TTC’er to be moving on to the forums. The rest of you ladies get your legs up in the air and stay that way so we can stick together. BTW, anyone know where Toomany has been? Miss her.



    Holy BFP’s batman!!! Congrats to everyone, sending very sticky baby dust your way!! I want one too…… I only have to wait about a week and half to find out if I have one 🙂



    Thanks ladies for all the response and CONGRATS MOMOF2!!!!! I am sooo confused I think I will try to stop reading signs until my period gets here I just looked back at all my comments and realized I have been saying I have been cramping for 7 days now… something else must be going on. It just seems to be getting worse so this probably is not my month.. BOO the negativity monster is getting me!



    I don’t think this month is it guys. AF due in 5 days and BFN. I just don’t feel it. 🙁



    well off to lunch. I think I will go buy some hpt’s. for the next couple of days.



    thanks. Clara when i was preggers with dd i had felt nothing i was a week late and the day i tested was the only day that i started to have to pee a lot. i thought i had a UTI. i was 5days late by then.


    Is it just me or is today dragging ?

Viewing 15 posts - 18,376 through 18,390 (of 131,346 total)

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