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    i will second that TBT!!!



    Do you ladies know if a dollar tree test would pick up a positive right now. With my oldest I went to clinic found out at five weeks the sane with my second…found out at about five weeks…



    hey ive been married for 2 years and been with my hubby 6 and i havnt gotten flowers since my wedding day lol. so dont feel bad ladies i think it happens to all of us. my hubby hates flowers he says they are a waste of money cause they just die like 3 days later. lol.



    Andy: thanks….right now I am using cabbage leaves in my bra to ease engorgement!Lol! Goingfornumber3: my friend(whose husband is a physician) had mirena between her two children and never had any problems…it just takes a little time for your body to get back to normal. Good luck and don’t worry:) Sunnyside: Congrats!!! Justine: I know how those tests can drive you crazy!!! Hang in there….it took me a week after my missed period to test positive with my son but I just knew too! Good luck…praying for our Bfp’s!!!!!!!!



    mom2brielle—congrats hun!!! where r u on ur cd? and u sed u have pains, r they in ur tummy or on ur sides?


    @ andy , thank you … i actually came back to report that the cramps have stopped altho i have a bright red flow , it seems to have like clear sticky residue mixed with it and its not real heavy at all . there was a small string of uterine lining so maybe there is a little hope . i mean when i normally get AF i dont grow a whole cup size and the veins are very noticeable throughout my bb as well as my areola’s , all kinds of new stretch marks as i didnt have really any to begin with . so *cross fingers* and i still have the metallic taste in my mouth . so i guess i will just have to wait a little longer and see



    So this morning my cervix felt almost totally closed and now it feels like it’s opening up again! GRRRR! I hate this! Why can’t my body just quit playing tricks on me?!


    well ladies i think i should take my test…..ive been trying to hold back but today is the day my AF is due and i dont feel like its comming…..not only that but yesterday i woke up sick i felt like i had the flu,,,stuffy nose….and i feel like i have to vomit….now today i woke up with the same feeling its just funny because my period has been on time every month for the past year….(on the 1st) so if it doesnt show its face today than im gonna take the test if it does it will be returned lol(i been spending to much money on test)lol GOOD LUCK LADIES



    i’m so stupid SWEETIE congrats i saw your 3 post and so didnt get it lol i am think lol WOW congrats happy healthy 9 months hoping i wont be far behind you xx



    Onlything I get that and I’m not pregnant lol. I think there is probably lots of things going on in there right now and nothing to worry about :). Proudmommy and CBV good luck! Bgs and Ducky i hope time speeds up. I find the wait to ovulate worse than the tww. Of course it always takes me forever to ovulate so that might be why lol. But still once in the tww there isn’t much you can do about getting pregnant it’s just all about hoping. I like that better than the constant fretting over my cervical mucus and position and when to BD.



    yes I had one didn’t get the chance to go into labour and she ended up being breech and didn’t get the choice. My doctor has already cleared me to try natural this time around


    On to day two and still no AF 🙂 Theres a ept test upstairs in my bathroom just calling my name!! but wondering if i should just wait a few more days just to be sure, im so anxious but i dont want to be disapointed just in case i tested too early : / with my dd i got a bfn after my missed AF then a few days later bfp! well good luck again to everyone else im soo anxious!!



    Ok it’s 3:07 AM… I REALLY need to get to bed! :0P



    Congrats April and Redhead! AF is almost outta here:) Getting excited to catch that little egg this month! Lol!



    hoping-3-become-4 – I’m not ‘supposed’ to need to start using the OPK’s until next Monday, but I thought I would start yesterday,lol. I have no idea what I am expecting..a big middle finger on the stick I guess:-)… Definitely BD today, this afternoon, tonight, whenever you can squeeze it in,lol. They say the egg lives 12-24 hours after O’ing.

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