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    mrsjdwilliams im glad you will be together. makes things easier not only with ttc, just in general. okay so hubby and i have had the chat. he says he wants me to lose last baby weight first… lol we have agreed on 10kgs. as im typing this im getting attacked by mosquitos not fun lol.



    Af isn’t has heavy as usual.


    OH is on his way home, in a nasty snowstorm. Could be home anytime now… According to My fertility app (not super reliable but i have regular periods..) my O day is today so here is hoping on last chance to catch an egg this month. We will BD tomorrow as well just in case 😉



    BabyG3- Praying for you! Hope all turns out okay. I just posted this on someone’s blog..but I’ll share with you as well. My MIL didn’t know she was pregnant with my DH until she was like 4-5 months bc she still had what she thought was her ‘period’ every month…and he went to term and had no probs. And I know of a situation that the dr told this girl she had m/c’d and she needed a D&C..the girl demanded an U/S first and it turned out that she had lost a twin and was still preg with the other. So unless the levels are drasticly low, I’d beware of a D&C without a scan first!



    Congrats Texas!



    excited – It’s probably because your temps are up and down. It used to take ff forever to pinpoint my ovulation day too and it would always be, like, at least 3 days ago by the time it recognized it.


    GL preciousbabybump! So sorry for your loss and hopefully you find this forum a little busier 😀



    i know could you imagine going in for your ultrasound the second time and they are like oh wow looks like there are two. LOL that would be great but freaky at the same time.


    Ps my daughter has been completly attached to me for these past couple of days, af isn’t due to arrive on the 9th but idk why I’m getting all these weird signs already? How early to kids get an preminisom??



    LC the line on your HPT could be a naughty little evap line



    Just got my rx prenatals with low iron. I forgot how the OTC stuff made me erm… not very regular. Sorry if that’s TMI. Hopefully now things will be better! 🙂



    I’m pretty sure I ovulated a week ago, and all day today I’ve been feeling like I’m going to start even though I’m not due until next week. I remember that when I got pregnant with my son I kept feeling like I was going to start but never did so I’m hoping that this could be a sign that I’m pregnant. I want to take a pregnancy test, but I’m not sure how far before my missed period I should try it…..



    UGH….Have another headache tonight. It’s like the 4th in a week! Only reason I am not questioning it as a symptom is cause we BD’d on the 5th..AF showed the 7th. then we BD’d on the 20th…during ovulation time (I think) but this is only Wed…so 3 days later. Doubt seriously IF this last time worked I woudl feel pregnant already… I did get constant headaches with my youngest (age 3) due to hormone levels increasing. So part of me hopes it is a sign, but not so sure it will add up (coudl be to soon). I jsut want the headaches gone! Unless it is for a good reason 🙂



    Okay so I think at cd 18 i’m starting to O i’ve EWCM tonight. Me n hubby BD yesterday Is it possible for me to catch the egg and if the old wives tales are true have I increased my chances for a girl? I’m not actively trying for just a girl but it would be nice to have one of each. Will I still be fertile tomorrow night, we’re both to shattered tonight to do anything. Will O’ing late it affect my testing date? And my cycle lenght(normal cd28 or last month 1st off bc cd32)?


    November–I’m hoping this month is your month! Maybe you will have 2 November kiddos!

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