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    Ladies, I could use some help. I’m temping for the first time this month. On the 25th, I had sharp pains in my right ovary, and then on the 27/28th, I had them in the left one. FF shows O on the 27th, but is there any way I could have O’d twice, 2 days apart? All the symptoms made me think I was O’ing the 25th, but had a huge temp spike the 28th. I posted my chart on my profile in the photo section. I’d appreciate any input.


    LOL well the wks ar flying by im due to O i bout 9 days so i have warned my fiance to get some sleep the next few days cos he wot be getting much lol bring o the BDing


    i’m going to the $tree later. thanks i took a deep breath…



    welcome back baby bray! hope its not too much longer for you 😉



    love and baby- good luck this time 07 was a bad year for me too i lost my son that year in july due to premature labour at 24 weeks then he only survived 8 hours was worst year of my life. had complications from start of pregnaancy and something ws wrong with placenta causing all my problems the worst thing about it was he was so perfect. ive since gone on to have 2 healthy pregnancies though so good luck x


    My boobs have also been feely odd……….



    Mrs Bugs – it could be a good sign! Look forward to hearing your test results in 6 days!


    Congrats mommy21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Rylansmommy, you are a brave lady, we all love you sweet heart.



    Avasmom: send a message to the technical admin. about your other page… Did you try deleting your cache and cookies?


    Ryders- I know Ive a hundred times, what cd you on?



    jantet – with using OPK’s i would take your shortest cycle length and use that as a reference just so you dont miss your surge



    chasitiy1- Faint lines are still positive!! Wait a few days or until AF is due, then take another, & it should be darker. Congrats 🙂


    lindsey — that is when I got my BFP!! TEST!



    terrac~~noticed you got a frost warning for Ontario?? Where are you??

Viewing 15 posts - 1,846 through 1,860 (of 131,346 total)

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