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    well…. I wasn’t as strong as I wanted to be and gave in… just bought my FRER the one that suppose to tell you 6 days early… I don’t know why I do this to myself… I’ll be 9DPO tomorrow and it’ll be 5days before AF is due… should I give in and test tom morning??? i promised myself to wait at least till one day before AF is due but i just cantttt helpppp ittt… HELP ME!! lol well good luck to everyone, I hope we all get a BFP soon and sticky baby dust to ALL 🙂



    sorry lolimom on your BFN 🙁



    Thanks holz! We get virtually zero care here until you book in with your midwife between 8-10 weeks! No appts no bloods nothing!!! So I just called the early pregnancy asessment unit and I have to be referred by a doctor to go there. So I now need to do a pregnancy test and if positive I can get referred. She said it will be negative if I have miscarried. I would be 5 weeks 4 days do I still need FMU to make this accurate. Because if I wait until tomorrow the doctors surgery will be closed over the weekend??? Any suggestions I know most of you are anerican or Canadian so you won’t be online yet but hopefully somebody picks this up soon and can advise???



    Hi Sharon, sorry AF arrived 🙁 good luck for next cycle x



    First response early result gets my vote, or the clearblue digital. I like the dollar teSts too for sensitivity, but they can give false results sometimes, so I would always need to see three convincing positives on dollar store brands before I’d believe it!



    I do see a very faint line!! : ) yay! tomorrow’s apt should help confirm this…



    anymore BFPs?? are we still on 10?


    Me and My Fiance Decide we are going to TTC baby 3! Baby Dust To Everyone…Dont forget to send some our way!



    blesseddaily~ I read somewere that you aren’t suppose to check CM after BD. I have noticed that normal CM doesn’t return to normal until the afternoon after BD



    Got a positive OPK this am, so please ladies hold all calls tonight, we have some business to take care of in the Beringer household. ‘Pants on the Ground’!!!! I really want a 2010 baby, so the end is getting closer 🙁 Best of luck to all!!!


    I agree Rainbow- it is lovely around the part of the world. It does rain but I love that there are no extremes – never too hot, never too cold!



    Good morning Ladies. I tested last night because I had my first spin class at the gym and got a BFN. I am 10DPO so going to wait to see if AF shows on Thursday before I test again. I don’t think this is going to be my month though – call it instinct, but I just don’t feel like we caught it in time.



    My DH has no idea that I come to this site or that I pay that much attention to when is ‘the time’. He knows that I know where I am in my cycle, but other than that, nothing is discussed. Because I would have thought that he would react poorly to making BD a schedule or a chore, and I don’t really want that either. Keeping our intimacy is important to me. But he’s actually surprised me and made jokes about it. He says whenever you need to hop on, you just let me know. He even said if I’m ‘throwing my egg’ during his yearly hunting getaway (where they do more sleeping than hunting), he’ll come home when needed to TCB. But I really do think if I was high pressure and obsessed from the start, it may have been a different story.

    So maybe if you can find some kind of middle ground, where maybe you don’t discuss everything with him, but you do let him know that there’s a certain period of time each month where you want to BD more, that will go over better. I like the suggestion for doing a little seduction to get DH on board. Also, if you just miss one night, try not to get too upset, The little spermies can live 2-5 days in your fertile fluid. Last time I got PG, we BDed the day before my EWCM started, so I didn’t O until probably 3 days later.



    Yay, we have a third BFP!! Congrats kelcam!! Well TGIF!! Still no sign of af-cd 32(probably DPO 10 or 11). Dont know what is going on. I think I may have a new cycle but right now I am pretty clueless. Felt like it was coming last nite but nono. I dont want to test becos I really cant take the heartbreak. But I have lots of white/crweamy cm which was why I initially thot it was af last nite.
    On a lighter note, since it is getting quite close to Val’s day , what special things are you all doing for your S/Os?



    Thank you I am still in shock and almost can’t believe it, and this might sound weird but I got a sign the other night from our heavenly father that he gave me a little gift. SUPER BABY DUST TO ALL

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