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    Hey all. Busy watching the World Cup opening concert. Ayoba!

    We are also TTC, well not quite yet but will try in the next month. I went off the pill about a month ago and then on the 2 June we were at it and the condom broke, to my dismay according to my ovulation calendar it was the perfect day to fall preggies. Now I have been feeling tired, I have been sleeping well though. Been going to the toilet frequently but you know your mind can play tricks on you. Has anyone experienced a faster heartbeat and the feeling of being out of breath?

    I can only test next week Friday….ah the long wait.



    I have a question if anyone can help. This is my first month using OPK. Cycles have been all over the place since MC in Oct. I got a possitive OPK on CD 7, Is this really early to get a possitive



    karen-put it by your toothbrush!!



    ttc Pictures, Images and Photos


    baby786–I’m on cd7 as well!



    Oh wow congrats 1st! Lil, thats awesume! I always wanted a boat but i am scared of it sinkin like the titanic haha



    I’m trying to stay positive too, i’m hoping for better luck for this cycle for us 😉


    Scared mom to be, how come your messages come either a few at a time of the same, or a million of the same at the same time? LOL…..and no you aren’t really alone, im kinda here, off and on….Hope u are having a good day : )


    Keegansmommy ~ I’m not comparing this to try and make it out to be the same, but something similar happened to my sister AND my best friend. They both had abnormal paps due to precancerous cells and it turned out to be HPV. They both had a procedure done to remove the cells and both conceived twice each and delivered healthy babies after this incident. I’m only telling you this because it sounds similar to their stories and I want to give you some hope for your situation. I have said a prayer for you also. I hope it all works out for you ((hugs))






    Hey guys! I could really use some advice and support on this one…So here we go: My husband and I have been ttc for 7 months now. I went off bc in September (NuvaRing) so I should be good to go. We didnt use ovulation tests this past month but we made sure to bd every day. I was scheduled to start on June 27 (always have regular 28-29 day cycle). I had some brown spotting on June 16 (very light) and then maybe a drop or two of pink the next day. I thought it was possibly implantation spotting so I went to my doctor on June 30 (2-3 days late) to ask. He said he believed it was ovulation spotting and didnt preg test me and also treated me for a very bad uti that showed up the day before AF was supposed to visit. Well today is July 9, (12 almost 13 days late) I still havent started and im having many symptoms including sore breasts (under armpits and sore nipples) and also full and newly ‘veiny’ boobs. I have had two random vomiting episodes, cried while watching Golden Girls (lol), and have been exhausted and increased appetite along with heartburn. Not to mention that ive been telling my husband since before i was even supposed to start that i just feel pregnant. Now heres the problem…three of the dreaded bfns. I’m going on Monday to get a blood test but its so hard waiting and getting bfns when i truly feel this was the month! Has anyone else been in a situation like this? Any advice/support would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂



    Thanks coco, yeh iv had a good feeling since the start, I havnt even taken my clomid this cycle..! I hope we all do to!. Duffy what’s ur link I wanna have another look haha I think uv got a good run to with ur high temps 🙂 my coverline now is 36.0 but I think tahlia has just lost my thermometre! But couldn’t of gotten far.



    Hi 786. We are in the same boat. I do think its abit early for cramping.? Confused too?!But, in my case I always have cramping and wetness before period. Hoping that this is great news for both of us this month .



    Clayli, if you wanna test to get it out of your system, go for it 🙂 but don’t be upset if it is a BFN, as it is still quite early



    I want to be preggers do bad, but I just feel like it can’t happen this close to my mirena removal. At the same time I know we did it at all the right times so I think I will be very dissapointed if I am not. I just can’t control myself. Af is not due till around the 30th. But this being my first af since removal I don’t know what is happening. Congrats bee! I hope I can join you soon!!! ***baby dust to all my ttc girlies****

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