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    I was thinking wednesday too Shalesha. i don’t want to deal with the BFN, but I think I have a good chance at the BFP train this month. I tested friday, got a BFN but I am hoping because they were cheaper tests. I have FR now and it is calling my name…



    hi ladies, just thought i’d check in over my super long weekend. happy thanksgiving to all the canadians!! i have a lovely head cold so dh and i have not bd’d in like a week!! i am cd freaking 64. noticed some ewcm today and yesterday. i’m hoping we can get some sexy time in and i ovulate. in the past couple months it’s like my body has geared up to o but it hasn’t actually happened. i’m not going to take any chances!! hope you are all well 🙂 and congrats to the bfp’s i may have missed.


    no i dont think there is any risks


    Happy thanksgiving all!! Congrats the BFP and sorry for the af’s … terrac and kadensmommy .. i had cramps 4-6 dpo and burning nps… but still bfn’s for me … 12 dpo today didn’t POAS … going to try and wait for a few more days if I can … Af is due Friday…..



    Cleo – where do you work again?



    mommykeisha – maybe its implantation, although im not 100% sure whether that causes pain or if its jst a pinkish/brown bleed/spotting – have u had any spotting?



    Oh no!! I hate tests that are ambiguous!! Dots and faint lines drive me bonkers!! I always say avoid the blue dye tests – they give the toughest faint results to read!! I really hope it is a BFP Amanda!



    $19.50 here in the US, and it came with 2 pregnancy tests. So not horrible. I am on clomid and it dries me out a lot… My poor boobs are so sore, full feeling, and itchy! so im thinking my clomid did the trick in getting my progesterone up! I go in tomorrow for my day 21 draw and pelvic, very anxious to see what my level is (they upped my dosage of clomid higher than ive ever taken) Can’t wait to be able to test!!



    Sarah was she dating a boy or girl?



    crazymomma- yep, that is pretty stupid of you MIL! lol It is sounding kinda good…maybe you are pregnant! Test again!! test again!!!!



    EJPmomma….sounds like ur body might be tryin to O but hasnt yet 🙂 keep on baby dancin’ til the fat lady shows!!! it has happened to me last month and i think this month as well, im not ‘trying’ this month either, just goin with the flow! Good luck and baby dust!!



    I am on CD 24 now still no AF, if I get pregnant this cycle my due date would be July 6. I have had nausea throughout the day for the last 4 days, bad headaches and some cramping a couple of days ago. It could be late ovulation though. I might test next week, if I can control myself until then! :))



    Diane, my cousin was 5 or 6 wks preg with twins and didnt know but was throwin up like no tomorrow for about a week before i made her test! Lol



    has anyone gotten or known anyone that has gotten a BFP 4 days late. took one the day AF was due, & bfn.. just curious.



    mornin ladies!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1,861 through 1,875 (of 131,346 total)

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