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    Hello ttc friends!I drink mug rootbeer or barqs, they are both caffeine free yum! Altho today its pepsi, couldnt help myself *while sipping her 1 litre bottle of pepsi* lol


    ca21- Yep the TTC-infertility forum has been super quiet. Sorry I can’t remember, but did you get a trigger shot for your IUI?



    sarah – what idiots!


    terrac ~~ you get them too?? TMI alert one of the gals on here said when hers ‘pops’ she gets watery discharge well my flow was watery and very little blodd and litterally it feels like a weight has been lifted from my lower stomach. What symptoms do you get please tell all even if its TMI i wanna know lol!



    clayliover – Really I was testing at 1pm give or take 5 minutes before or after. I feel funny that everytime I am at work I get my little clear cup to the restroom with my test inside and rush to the bathroom. Do you let it sit for like 5 minutes before you take the test



    thanx girls, i hope so too 🙂



    janet1972—-I DO AGREE!!



    Funnel cake sounds good! I was at a Halloween event at one of our parks last night and the funnel cake smelled really good!



    ok my point wasnt saying i believe everything it was just to give the benifit of the doubt but that was before i read back and saw she deleted her profile sorry


    then yes i def think you had it figured out right! my cycles are 31 days


    Im not too bad i have terrible heartburn today and cramps off and on grrrrr but feeling better after my naughty choco treat lol


    xwee…me too!!! I just bought my first box of opk



    however i think i almost had a pos opk yesturday, using the clear blue easy ones. the line was pretty dark but not as dark at the control line. i’m testing again around 130ish



    linzp1982, same boat as you, i took my clomid cd3 1 pill a day for 5 days. i o’ed on cd 12 which is when my body would have o’ed anyway. i say just bd as much as possible. the doctor said every day, i am cd 16, my last opk had no line at all,. i had a good line but it was not possitive on cd11.



    Good morning girls. How is everyone? AF was due yesterday, but still no show. Going to keep waiting to test until Sunday.

Viewing 15 posts - 18,781 through 18,795 (of 131,346 total)

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