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    Oh good luck Kirsty from Aus! Peeing so much is a good sign (from what i can remember). I just got a positive OPK so the wee one is off to grandma’s and i’m headed to the lingerie store LOL!!



    thx I hope we all fall preggo soon!


    Babydoll- I should O either this weekend or on Monday, just going by cm again this month, will prolly start back on opk’s next month if I don’t get my BFP this month! 🙂



    Af stopped two days ago and I am having tons of EWCM . I know its early to O but dh and I are going to bd bd bd just in case!!! doesn’t hurt to practice right!!? lol



    I called the doctor and bloodwork was negative just as i assumed so now just sit and wait for af to show up. I hate my body we have tried everything and nothing works. After 15 months i am going to have to say good bye to it all.



    Ha ha ha Rylans- Yesterday my son had this new found cautiousness… Thats the trouble with the early walkers.. At first it’s NO FEAR! And they are full of trouble!



    congrats on the bfp ladies.. sunflower u have good patients … im only cd 15 and i couldnt help myself i had to test..4hi my name is ashlee and im a testaholic… lol on the 28th of may ill test i have such a great [email protected] hopefully u can get in and get an ultrasound soon so u can get confirmation and enjoy your pregnancy .. turtlefur..still gigle atthe name lol sorry bout bfn dont give up just yet 🙂 JUST REMEMBER LADIES ITS NOT OVER TILL THE RED LADY SINGS LMAO



    mmmmm, indian food 🙂 What a great party idea!


    Hello Ladies! I see we are all chatty today again! lol. I cant even keep up with the posts lately!
    Like yesterday and the day before Ive had the WORST stomach pains 🙁 to my suprise Ive read that this could be an early pregnancy sign, but it SUCKS! Its like the kinda pain you get in your stomach when your REALLY hungry, I eat and eat but the feeling is not going away! This is day 3 of this god aweful pain 🙁
    Im only 5dpo so I dont see how it can be a sign of pregnancy but my DH is 100% sure I’m preggo. lol



    (where did my comment go…lol?)



    Thanks for the congrats. Boo to all the AF’s. @ Wendy funny you should say that after each bedding session I would put my hands under my bum and try and keep everything in there for as long a possible. I know Toomany was having a few issues at home hopefully she’ll be back soon.



    congratz Kiley315….all these BFPs are really encouraging…I sure hope they are contagious lol



    You girls are so fun to chat with! Turtlefur – sounds like you had a great time! Trying – Hope you feel better soon! LKDream – I’m there with ya no significant symptoms yet. Sunflower – Have fun and keep those legs up! So sorry for everyone who’ve had their monthly visit.



    Emma. U never know. Don’t count urself out till af gets here


    CD8 and af is still here.. This is really abnormal for me. Should I call my Dr or wait it out?

Viewing 15 posts - 18,886 through 18,900 (of 131,346 total)

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