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    i dunno, im only like 7 dpo, thats IF i ovulated after the first positive opk, i am going to try to wait but we all know i cant



    My husband and I have been TTC for 7mo. My last period was sept 17, and my ovulation date was oct. 8, when should I test?



    lol, Spunky, at some point I would love to turn my passion for understanding infertility into a career. I am looking into going back to school to study naturopathic reproductive medicine, but that won’t be until baby # 2 is here and old enough for daycare!



    MP – Hopefully it gets darker for you!! 🙂 Katie- Thanks!! I hear that all the time but its def easier said than done when you want it so bad!! Softkitty – I agree…maybe you O’d later and your cycles are longer. I was on BC for 13+ years non stop. BC regulated my periods. I think I am still adjussting to being off BC…my periods have been 34, 39, 31 days…lol I HATE the inconsistency…so OPK’s help me pin point when I O since its all over the place.


    Ugghh I find myself getting so frustrated lately. I feel like everyone around me is pregnant or just finding out they or their girlfriend/wives are pregnant and it’s driving me crazy. It makes me mad sometimes that I miscarried last month because I could be right there with them. A lot of the people didn’t even have it planned and 2 are talking about abortion and or adoption. It makes me sad. I don’t want to take it out on them but gahh!!! I want a baby too! Everywhere I go to I see bellies everywhere even my husband noticed and got a little sad. Whenever he sees one when we’re walking around he grabs my hand a little tighter and says soon enough. It makes me glad though to know he wants one just as much as I do and we’re going through this together


    Indigocream- congrats to you! I was on prometrium with both of my children and of course it worked. But I absolutely hated that crap. It made me feel disoriented. light headed. sick. tired. But its whats best for the baby so i recommend no matter how crappy you feel take it! Did your hcg numbers come back low? That is why i was put on it with both of my children

    I used to take it at night. worked for me alot better. easier to put up with those horrible side effects when you can sleep through it…or at least be laying down


    Good morning everyone! 5 dpo today! My boobs werent as sore yesterday but last night..holy molly!! I had about 9 hours of severely interupted sleep. I was soooo tired and i just couldnt get to sleep untl 3 am…and then i didnt sleep well and i kept waking up because my boobies hurt…sigh…so how is everyone doing?



    dmmarine – OMG Im sorry there was def something there on that test the other day..I wonder if it was a chemical!!?? Katie – Im so sorry love!!! lilpa – BD just in case…you dont want to miss out incase your tests are wrong!! 🙂 november – YAY get busy girl!! mommyto6 – idk but I would go with the couple days of bleeding and consider that as your period…not the day of spotting!! 🙂



    Hello lovely ladies! So curiosity got the best of me.. I POAS.. an OPK though not an HPT.. AF is due tomorrow.. I still don’t really feel like she will be here but at the same time I am still doubtful I actually am pregnant.. there was a line on the OPK.. It wasn’t as dark as the control line though.. so I was wondering, when using an OPK as an HPT does the test line have to be as dark or darker than the control line like when detecting ovulation.. does that make sense? LOL



    SO passed his Elevator exam a month or so ago. Doing so he gets $8.00 an hour raise but also means that he might start traveling more. Well SO just called they are moving him up to that level on December 4th and will be gone to Oklahoma for 2 weeks. Ughhh I am happy for the huge pay increase but not that fact that he will be gone for 2 weeks at a time!! And half way across the country at that! This does not sit well with TTC. I wish I could save some swimmers in a cup and inject them when its time!!! hahaha



    sorry! was puttin sav to bed for a nap 🙂 i hope u get preggo soon happy 🙂 crossing everythin fo u that this cycle is good one!!


    hello ladies I have been away for a while with the death of 2 family members and death of my DH best friend I have been really busy. maddys mom: agape: krissieh: hope you get your positive it is right in time for a turkey day suprise 🙂 To the rest including myself prayers and baby dust to all. It would be great fo us all to get our positives for the holidays GL Ladies for me I am really lost this month I got a postive opk on the 5th and ff has not pinpointed ovulation yet so I am going off the positive and that I O’d last month CD 14 so that positive OPK was good at CD 13



    good luck excited mummy!!! sorry I would have no idea as I usually don’t have ovulation pain.



    Thanks Damnkat. I can never work that part out. I have been trying for 5 months now and boy, it’s not fun doing a two week wait – every two weeks. My DS was conceived the 2nd try. This time, it’s taking a bit. I think I had a chemical one the 2nd month this time round. And have been following your progress – wishing you well and hope you can get back on the TTC train asap :o)



    OMG!!! IM HAPPY 4 U GIRL!!!
    CANT WAIT 2 C UR BFP!!!!

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