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    @ supermama it always confuses me when people put the dates as MM/DD/YY I’m so used to looking at it the other way round and takes a few moments to sort it out in my head. Have you put your dates in an O Calander FF seems to be pretty much in line with what my body is telling me.


    Hi Ladies, AF started yesterday. As soon as she goes away we are starting cycle 2 of TTC. I’m praying this will be our month! We got pregnant 2nd month with our first… Hopefully we’ll be lucky again and conceive 2nd month this time.



    :)))) glad that you girls are smiling and laughing.. we are all in it together… xox


    Well this puts a damper in the plans i had with OH.. DS is sick with the flu and he leaves for another 2 + weeks this afternoon. 🙁 try next month



    its only 9.30am here and ive been up since 7am thanks to miss mckenzie lol, mind you its due to the fact the she has to be up at that time on a school day so i cant complain, my eldest two children have gone to their grandparents til tomorrow, so it just me and the youngest two, whilst my fiance at work..cramping on/off its not very strong tho x



    INkdoll and mommy2b26: the fact is that we are based in mid-eaet currently n our insurence wod not cover anything that is of pregnancy and the testwod be on us so dh wants to do a little late to be sure of accuracy….. Also we bd after my U/s so we knew the right time…… I do not have strong will power my dear friends…. Its dh who is keeping me away from tests and my 28month dd who makes me run behind her all day….. dh shod agree for blood test around thuscoz thTs hiz weekely off …..



    I don’t understand temps haha


    Congrats Texas!!!!



    LC it is an afternoon tea for the bride I have a couple of game ideas but not many


    Talked to my GP, I am going off my anti deppressant while TTC & at least the first trimester of pregnancy. We shall see how it goes and if I am overwhelmed or really stressed out I can talk to my OBGYN at that point about doing something about it. Would be great to fully go off of them because I want the healthiest pregnancy possible so I really dont want medication, but I also want to breastfeed this time around (had a heck of a time with DS & gave up at 5 weeks)



    I am proof that it is possible. I am a twin, but my twin was actually concieved 2wks before me, than my mom ovulated again and I was conceived.


    Terriann- Hope you feel better. I’m POAS 12/31 @ 11:57pm. Find out at Midnight. That’s the plan anyway, I don’t know if I can hold out that long. I made a Dr’s appt for 1/12/13 ANYWAY (had one scheduled for Saturday but can’t keep it). If I were to POAS now… would it read???

    BTW- Two of my best friends just found out their pregnant and My sister in law is due TODAY with her 1st…



    LC may be evap,, that little eggie and sperm are still doing the tango down your tube,,, does it take 6 to 10 days to reach your uterus?



    dragonsoccermom-ohh yes, two losses for me but since 1st was chemical pregnancy, they dont even consider it. This time I lost my baby at 7 weeks. Still checking my HCG, hopefully tommorow will be my last test. They need to be less then 5.



    It’s on the top right of your profile page Coco – under ‘change account settings’ top option is to turn blog updates on and off 🙂

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