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    I have anovulary cycles to 🙁



    Caniac: Tested this morning. Pretty sure it’s a BFN and/or evap only. Looks like it’s the doctor for me. On the up side, we MIGHT end up adopting from someone we know. She’s on the fence about aborting it so we’ll see.



    not sure who but yesterday someone put up the website and you can get free opks or hpts mailed to you. you get 10. i did it its really quick



    Allie I don’t think you are crazy at all, with that said though, if those symptoms are pregnancy related I would think you would definitely be testing positive by now!! Did you test today?? Do you happen to have a digital camera you might be able to use instead of your phone just so there is a little better quality? FX girly!!!



    It’s rainy and chilly in Indiana @ 9:40am.



    Ladies I need a bit of help I’m currently 10 dpo n hpt was negative again so do u think I’d be safe to go out tonight and drink quite a bit of alcohol as its my friends birthday an we always get drunk when were out in town xx



    I am now very very interested to see how my next cycle goes BFP or not… I wonder if this is normal for me to have that type of luteal phase…. maybe I do have something fighting against me!!



    So my drs office called yesterday and said they are pretty sure from my blood work that I had a miscariage cuz my levels are so low.. they are having me wait until next tuesday to test again just to be sure… so sad and dissappointed…



    midwest – i know me too i get my hopes up so high and i feel like im gonna be let down so much if i dont get my BFP. i dont know how im gonna take it if i dont get my BFP.



    Hi ladies! I took a break from TTC for the last six months because I already have two little ones and thought that maybe my family is complete and I was just being selfish by TTC another. However, we haven’t been trying to prevent it either. In the past months I haven’t put much thought into it but this month there seems to be baby stuff all around me all the time so it has me thinking I might just have conceived. So naturally I can’t wait for next week to see if AF shows or not. I will be happy either way but I’m secretly hoping for a BFP:) Good luck to all of you and I look forward to hearing about your BFP’s!



    Can anyone tell me where can I find OPK tests? What website has cheap but good tests? Thanks!



    Well last night was a good BD session. Thankfully! And now we have 3 chances for this cycle. So the tww begins….ughh! It seems so far away! For some reason…I’m feeling good about this one. Maybe because DH has already said he shot and scored! lol!



    Well from my understanding im beyond borderline low and if af doesnt come soon there is added thoughts that I may not even be ovulating which would just blow me away.



    Hello Ladies, Im back after nearly 3 yrs. I hope no one is still here from then. I have 3 kids. A 14yoDS conceived naturally and a 4yoDS and a nearly 3yr conceived thanks to clomid. Tried again with clomid after my dd but it didnt work. Went into a kinda low mood, gained a tonne of weight and my PCOS got worse. I dont get AF or ovulate so I dont know if im gonna be lucky a fourth time. Well GL to those testing and truckloads of babydust to you all.



    turtlefur – I will totally pass on spreading it on my morning toast..lmao….lilboy4jenn- I have been through the long wait of TTC before too, it is definitely frustrating! I have only been using OPK’s for a few weeks now, so I am new to them. Completely lost and blind at that as well:-)

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