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    Well the job was not all that I thought it to be so will think about it over night. Sort of puts a damper on the rest. Had more CM today but it could be left over from bding last night. Will know tomorrow if there is more. Congrats to all new BFP and welcome to any new ttc budies.



    AF due in 5 days so we shall see!!



    Sometimes if I start thinking about the entire process I can feel the anxiety rise. At the same time, if I don’t do all the little things then I have anxiety ’cause I feel like I’m missing something. When I start ttc I really didn’t stress and I told myself it could take months or even a year(s). Now, since I was pregnant I am so so disappointed when I see the BFN. Plus, my cycles are getting wacky so I feel like I’m getting further and further from a positive.



    Well ladies we got our BFP ! Please pray this will be a sticky one as those that have been here with me know we had a mc last oct and another with D&c in july xx



    Congrats on the BFP’s and sorry to hear about the BFN’s! I have about 9 more days to find out. I’m not a tester. I’d rather drive myself crazy thinking I am pregnant with every ache and twinge!



    Mrsbugs…it’s totally possible that you could still be pregnant! 3 days of bleeding is pretty short for a mc…even with the loss you have described! I would definitely look at the sensitivity of your pregnancy tests and test each day…watch to see if your bfp lines get darker or start to fade, if you’re 4-5 weeks you should have two definite lines whether it’s fmu or tested in the afternoon! But test each day for a few days to get a proper picture of what’s going on! I really feel for you…it sucks not knowing what is going on! I’ve experience 3 mc and one just like you that went on to be a successful pg! All the best, I hope either way you get some answers quickly!



    Hi Lia – it is poss to get pg whilst on bc pill. Normally because you have forgotten to take it or if you have had sickness. Have you done a pregnancy test



    The test results are usually entered in a computer program that your new dr.s secretary should be able to access. Most are ready within one business day. Worth calling your new dr.s office before close of business today just to see, or at least inquire.


    I see a line too! CONGRATULATIONS! Never thought to invert the photo, great idea!

    I’m due on Thursday. I FEEL pregnant. Woke up to pink cm on Sunday (implantation? Timing seems perfect, 9-10 days after ovulation), my boobs feel tender, and occasionally sore (the exact sensation I remember from my first pregnancy). Did a test this morning which says it can tell up to 4 days early – BFN 🙁



    Berry might be cooking a bun, doo dah doo dah!!! hehe



    Ummmm I’m wondering if I should be concerned…. pregnancy tests keep saying pregnant with no doubt (digital and frer) but opks are showing nothing… now I thought that there’d be a glimmer of a line on an opk at this point… so I don’t know.. I dont want to sound silly but why!?



    I think I am about 8 DPO, but can’t be sure I ovulated this month at all. I have to test at 10 DPO (doctor’s orders) but I won’t test again until AF is VERY late. lol



    Thank Whitty



    Sorry all!! I have been ‘working’…..I know, not like me x



    CP low and hard :o( CM drying up :o( sure signs that AF is lurking :o( onwards and upwards!! :o)

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