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    lbrels – Have you taken a HPT, your symptoms sound promising?



    just wondering if anyone can help me out, with the ovulation test i did one this morning it was a positive lg surge which means i would ovulate within 24-36hrs then i did one 5 hrs later and came up neg, so i tried another one and again said neg, has this happened to anyone else? my last period was the 21st of may!



    lol i use only the best sticks!…right I really gotta go! though I hate to leave you lovely ladies i have exercise to do a flat to tidy and a novel to write! ..damn I need a pixie name!! loll

    take caare and see you later!


    Thanks for the welcome and all the input, ladies! 🙂



    mrssmith600 – i think am in the same position u are looking for an answer i had positive opk on CD 6 and 7


    Back to the drawing board ladies AF has gatecrashed. Hubby and I have decided to not focus on trying to get preggo, so we need to drop the time frame and just wait until it happens, hopefully before xmas…..



    Thank you PInky for the Baby Dust! Becky & Lia – I’m doing GREAT today! I wish I could find a job and it is NOT looking good for my BFP (I’m in the 2ww) but I’m OK with all that 🙂


    I am so thirst lately. I cannot get enough water. Anyone think this could be a symptom? I’m looking for anything lately. Find out soon enough I guess.



    *Coats herself with glue and heads for the baby dust* lol



    Hey ladies, havent been on in a while. my quick story, took exactly 2 years to have my now 2 year old and we have been trying for number 2 for 1 1/2 years now. I have chronic recurring Bacterial Vaginosis and wondering if anyone else has recurring BV and also having trouble getting pregnant. I know that BV can cause pelvic inflammatory diesease which can cause infertility b/c of scarring the tubes, but I don’t think I have PID. Wondering if others are in my boat and I may actually not be getting pregnant b/c of BV. Thanks for listening


    Has Sarah gotten her results back yet?



    CD4 on Cycle number 10 and really starting to get depressed. I don’t know what else to do or try. Have any of you had some troubles getting pregnant after a miscarriage? We got pregnant after 1 month of trying, then had a miscarriage…. now we can’t seem to get pregnant?????



    mom22to2boys – When you have a positive OPK you need to stop BD. Having irregular cycles it will make it more difficult for you, but the rule is BD 3-4 days before ovulation….way to confusing I know. I wouldn’t try to kill of recent sperm because by doing so you might kill off the older (girl) sperm.



    @baby- i agree, if i need/want something it better be ready where i can reach it. so i dont blame you for having it all there. before my son i was horrible, i had every little thing written down, my temp…but i stopped doing that and now i really wish i did it until now, because im SOOOO confused on what my body is doing right now.


    bhme-congrats!!!!!! how many DPO are you??

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