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    Proud wifey – I kinda wanna test now!! LOL.. gonna try to hold off til Saturday..



    hey clay…thanks for the feedback…now if i could persuade my husband of that…i would be doing great.



    crazymomma- I know. Like you really need the tease.


    A little stressed out clay – we are waiting for fiances sperm count results – im waiting for a pos OPK grrrrrrrr lol



    xwee i have a question for you since it seems that we are in about the same cycle day. I am now 6 dpo and my dh and bd lastnight and it was very sensitive to the point that it hurt a little do you have this at all? We bd 4 dpo and it was fine it didn’t bother me at all so i don’t know what it could be.



    i feel like i’m getting the flu, blaaaaah


    Its the 8th here lol! So weird



    Gill ~ kingsley – Lucky you because I just check pricing, they are expansive little things. I can’t really afford one at the moment but I hoping the sticks do work for me.



    weegee, im sorry. Hang in there, and do whatever you need to do. Hopefully see you soon again on here.


    its not just me refreshing then lol



    Well DH has just shown how terific he is 🙂 HE is on his way to the movie theatre for nothing more than some nacho’s. I went ahead and ordered 2.. I would hate to want more and them be closed.. LOL.. Anyone else in a food mood???


    but would a sorry make you want her more ???


    donna .. last cycle was 44 days!! Makes it hard to know when to test !


    Saza how many dpo are you ? Sorry if you have already said im still catching up on the pages lol


    Kim…a bit confused now about clearblue digi. My cheapy opks have not really been picking anything up. I tested last night just a faint a line, tested with fmu and a strong but not positive line came up. Used my digi about and it was pos (a smiley face) but now just done another digi and its negative. So i have surged or not – i wonder if you can get FALSE positives with the digi?

Viewing 15 posts - 19,291 through 19,305 (of 131,346 total)

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