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    Clay – we were at the mall the other day and i saw the cutest maternity dress! i wanted to buy it soo bad LOL



    Had my clomid a a week or so ago so we start trying for baby tonight. Fingers crossed. Although with the recent discovery that my hubby has low sperm I’m not that optimistic 🙁



    oh my, we have two testers coming up? Fingers crossed!



    My MIL is quite ok but she wasn’t at the beginning. My DH had been away for 3 months when we got married and we were expecting our DD so DH planned this whole honeymoon weekend as he had to go away again for another 3 months and only had ten days with me. Any way my MIL and FIL made their way up to our house early to spend extra time with DH which was fine they stayed up until the day before we left ( so 7 days) and I made full well they knew about the honeymoon weekend. Any way to cut to the story short she ended up calling every evening until the last evening when I threw some very hateful words to DH while he was on the phone about MIL. Ended in an arguement and that was my honeymoon. Needless to say she admitted later that the DIL’s are the ones with the power and you don’t piss them off and never had problems with them since.



    LMAO clay………….they should know better!

    Okay Im off, Goodnight all.



    raspberry- How long ago? There is a possibility of ‘recanalization’ where the vas deferens actually grows back but is much smaller than the original tube. This is rare…about 1 in 2000 in the first 3 months and 1 in 4000 after 3 months. Although it is possible, like Di-smiley said, your chances of concieving are about 1%. Meaning it is 99% effective. Everything happens for a reason though! Maybe it is time to look into getting it reversed! Good luck!




    monsta–I kinda listen to her because when we lost our baby last May, the day before my dr appt Gaby looked at me and hugged me and her daddy and said ‘mama, baby brother is dead’ and I said Gaby don’t say that. And I reassured her that everything was fine. The next morning before my appt she hugged me againa nd said she was sorry, but baby brother was dead. Needless to say, the baby had died. I should make a ‘hotline’ … Gaby’s fortune. LOL



    yah that is wierd…. wow well if she really did make it all up, so so so sad that someone needs that much attention, how desperate can you be???



    chelsea i think its still a bit early but like di says if ur cycles are on the short side then maybe u could be…..i would wait a few more days & re-test……






    Thanks janinem. I’ve got a two year old son and he wasn’t planned it just happened I love him to
    Bits I did want a boy but now I’d like a girl. Planning it is quiet scary lol it’s what I want but it just makes me feel bit nervous lol. X



    nikki-Fingers crossed for you hun! A positive is a positive! Let us know hun!!!! *sticky baby dust*



    Yayyy potential belly buddies! =) I use because it allows you to enter the conception date (ovulation date) for the most accurate estimate. That’s useful if you don’t have the traditional 28 day cycle or 14 day luteal phase.



    hey ladies…. so ive been breastfeeding for 7 months now and had normal AF the whole time. so is there anyway i can just skip a period? now hes eating less of the booband more solids so i thought it would be the other way around…

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