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    Eve, heres hoping the last test you did was a dud! Try again tomorrow, If there was a line yday, then just keep testing. I remember reading somewhere back on this forum, someone testing with some tests and got bfn, then tested with another brand and got bfp. 2/3 days after she got her bfp, the other brand was still saying bfn. Are you going to test again tomorrow. Good luck!! Thinking of you!


    Mommiemachine- Thanks! yes I agree, prayer would be best in this matter! lol Everything you suggested for a girl is almost exactly what the DH and I have been doing! haha No wonder why we have two girls! Im not sure how my hubby will feel about ‘icing hi jewels’ either, but its worth a try!!! lol


    Wends ~How did you know you ovluated? Were you temping too?



    Bring on sunday for BDing, mothers day here in australia as well so even more reason to BD, cant wait



    Hang in there big tomato if it is just spotting then is sounds like it maybe just having her last hurrah


    Minibub- I’m cd11, I normally O on cd14 which is on Monday. But I can feel it is coming cause I’m starting to feel more in the mood 🙂 guess I will start bding tonight or either tomorrow morning. Good Luck ladies.



    Okay…I just mixed my favorite Crystal Light (Mandarin Orange Red Tea) and it made me very queezy. I’m in my fertile period now with ovulation in about 4 days. I’ve been baby dancing every other day since AF stopped (on cycle day 5) and will continue this thru at least cycle day 17 (or until AF arrives). I’m working late tonight and hope I’m not too tired when I get home. This is Cycle #43 for me.



    cd 12 for me. Do you bd only when you are Oing or near those days? I think its better to bd nearly every day or whenever its possible. Thats what i did with my dd and now i am doing the same with #2. What do you think? Btw i want to add that i don’t know my body that much to know when i am Oing.



    maybe I’m reading too much into it. But we had sex on oct 31 and nov 4. im assuming i got pregnant on the 4th or 5th. so i would be about 20dpo or so? so i would think something would show, more than one. unless its very slowllllyyyyy developing?! I won’t get my hopes up. Geez they better hurry and call!



    kaykayxox-Congrats!..sunflower-j -FX that you get your BFP next week:-)…turtlefur- Sorry about the BFN. 11dpo though, isn’t that still kind of early? I got a BFN with my last pg at 12dpo , AF was MIA at 14 dpo, and finally got my BFP at 16dpo. Congrats to your neice and my prayers for both her little ones♥…



    saza – wooo hooo congrats on the bfp



    cool, anytime during a weekday is good for me (we go out of town a lot of weekends)…love Monday outings the most…& i work Tuesday mornings


    Ashes all the best for this month : ) Hope there will be a BFP waiting at the end for you !



    How do I add a picture to a blog??



    THanks ladies for all the congrats. Not sure it’s quite set in yet. I find myself still looking online at other posted BFP’s….thinking for sure it’s not true! Anyway, everyone is so sweet and I hope to have each and everyone of you join me this month! TONS and TONS of baby dust to all you ladies!

Viewing 15 posts - 19,396 through 19,410 (of 131,346 total)

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