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    hi all! firstly congrats to Amanda,yay yay yay!!!!
    did u have lots of symptoms??
    well i think i ovulated today for sure. have been sore on my right side alll day,last month was not nearly as bad as this. is it normal to feel it for this long???



    damnkat- what is a creche? I’m assuming a daycare?… As far as finding time for the gym…I was in nursing school pretty much full time- so the gym was pretty much nonexistent…but with having the lapband- my dr. yelled at me (not really) and insists I need to findtime in my schedule for it. And as far as DS- he started preschool- so it gives me a few hours- and my gym is only $10 month since theyre is no daycare there…Also- just found out my lapband dr. can do an adjustment tomorrow without using xray…


    **** Really need some help***Hello ladies. I’m experiencing something and I was wondering if anyone could help me. First let me say that I have irregular periods (they never come on time) but they are always dark red and I never really cramp. I got a period in June and nothing in July. I started my period 2 days ago and I am in so much pain. Cramping is so bad that it wakes me up out of my sleep. Not only that but it is really bright red. I have never had a period like this before. Last 2 Weeks BBT has been really high. about a whole degree higher then usual. My husband is afraid maybe I had a miscarriage. Anyone got any advise please leave it on my page.


    quality more than quantity huh? So they develop better after a day or so?



    shooo i hope…i hope my head aint playin tricks…lol..



    Quick question…kinda stupid but oh well…laugh if u feel the urge. I am 8dpo currently…when do u think its possible to test other than waiting for af, as well be going out of town for the holidays…debating on bringing tests or not as af is due the day we return…dilemmas dilemmas. Lol.


    @baby726 good luck i realy will pray for you xx



    i doubt mummy2onebeauty would be awake yet. It is 5.30 am here in Australia girls.


    oh by the way just wanted to let you all know the dollar tests are just as good as first response belive it or not the dollar store read the same as first response the day i found out i think you just have to look a little harder, just saying dont spend 100.00 every few months on preg test when the other ones work just as well, when i went to the doctor’s they told me the tests they use are the same as the dollar store.


    Afternoon ladies 11dpo today…. AF is due in 2 days…. Ahhhh, I woke up the early hours of this morning as I needed to pee and felt like i was leaking fluid down there only the tiniest amount, it felt like AF was making an early appearance, anyway I went to the bathroom and when I wiped …Nothing… Phew, although now my womanly instinct is telling me she’ll def show her face bang on time. Been getting some minor cramping and my bbs don’t feel tender anymore…. Who knows…. Not going to test unless I’m late as I’ve only got a cheap supermarket brand hpt….anyone else testing soon xxx



    later k 🙂


    Ladies Thank you all for the COngrats! I am not sure I believe it yet …as the test sat it got very very light I can see it but can not get a good pick .. will post one with tomorrows FMU…. Never think you are out till AF shows! I thought I was out and had no chance! I was asking for AF so we could try again!…. I will be here if you ladies dont mind as I have no idea what week or due date would be !!!



    lol on cd26



    Hope and Gummy booo to AF she is a witch but HOORAY for more cycle buddies! 🙂



    Amandaj: I take the folic acid and prenatals to help with a healthy pregnancy. I take other stuff to try to actually help get pregnant! (the evening primrose oil and vitex… next cycle, soy isoflavomes!). I have more meds than my 70 year old dad!

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