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    Hello.. My husband and I are trying for Baby #2 and I am CD 15 in our first month of trying. I was on this site a lot during my first pregnancy but never actually wrote anything. I have been reading all of your posts and I’m excited to be joining you. God bless you all in your baby adventure!!!


    youngmum~ 30 yrs ago you would have had a great chance of going natural even with being breech, I read an article recently that says the more popular c-sections become, the more doctors are forgeting the art of birthing a breech baby.



    I’m testing tomorrow morning! Praying Gods will be done. I’m hoping to have a June baby!



    So when we all do get our BFP (It will happen for all in God’s planning) who will find out the gender and who is keeping it a surprise?


    Congrats to all the BFP, Baby dust to all those TTC! Including me… 🙂



    Home for the night- going to live test in the morning!



    In the last 2 weeks, I’ve tested 4 times, the 4th time being today and it was a BFN. I need to stop! I know it was too early before. Now I am 4 days from AF and just figured it may be a BFN. I think I’ve come to terms that I am ok with not being pregnant this month, even though I’d like to be. I am just tired of the waiting. DH tell me I am the the impatient person he knows lol.



    Anyone been pregnant before at 8 weeks? is cramps and weird abodominal movemnt normal? i would ask i 8 weeks but this is a busy forum?x


    Just so you know its not true that the sperm needs a change to build up.. this month me and my dh bded every single day two times sometimes three a day the day i quit my period until the day I got my BFP. We bded two times a day for 29 days straight. and i got my BFP this month. I know for a fact thats what got me pregnant this month .. give it a try to do it everyday.. its not going to hurt anything i promise !!



    I looked at both of urs and made it more confusing haha I guess iv only done it for a week, + it sucks on my phone I can’t add meds or symptoms or anything :@ . Id show u mine but can’t get the link



    Congrats Texas!!!



    duffy: yeh theirs the desprate housewive one. u get a big bar of chocolate,and apron,a wig,a baloon and merry gold gloves,and a knive and fork. everyone sits around in a circle with items in the middle. yuo roll the dice and if u get a 6 you have to go in centre and put everything one,balloon goes up the top(preggie housewive)haha and you have to cut the chocolate with a knive and a fork on piece at a time.your not out till someone else rolls a 6. its amazing how many people get a 6. your all running round like crazy,its funny!



    Erin: before i got pregant with caleb my husband told me i should stop taking them and i was fine.. little stress but u adjust and everything is fine… so its doable i havent taken them since and i dont have any problems 🙂



    That would be crazy! Would they just take the 2nd one 2 1/2 weeks early?



    2 days after xmas i got my BFP im so happy 🙂 best present ever. good luck to every1 xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 19,561 through 19,575 (of 131,346 total)

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