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    I haven’t officially joined that forum, but I’ve looked around a bit, seemed like a pretty cool site, lots of good stories! Sexymummy~ I know where you’re coming from, I’ve been at it for 4 months now and still nothing, and both of my boys I concieved without even trying! 🙂 It’s frustrating, but like Sher said, knowing your cycles is probably all we can do. Best of luck, hope that this is your month!



    Thanks hunnies for the advice, our gorgeous little boy riley turned 2 in oct 09 it took us 18 months to concieve him and i was 21 when we started ttc, we did have a heart to heart (of course with bein in floods of tears) and he said he would love to have a little girl but MUM said it`s not the right time. so he is def under influence from mummy she say`s we need to plaster the walls downstairs first!! it`s as if he thinks we will fall straight away and that baby would be here in a month!! lol men u gotta love them. it feels really nice to be able to let of the steam and talk to u all about it and see if anyone has the same interferring MIL, my hubby will be 30 on the 19th. x x x



    alliegirl-What color is your spotting? As long as it’s not bright red you should be fine. I know when I had my daughter I had the same thing, but it was pale pink in color.



    CD 3 for me nothing new. Lots of hopes for this month couz Im so tired seein 1 line.. @moschops- I was just thinking about the same. Crazy how for some people its no biggi to get prego and some dont even want it. and this me its just not happening . Good thing with me TTC so hard sure my DH loves all this BDing:)



    Well I blocked him in the closet and forces him to talk to me!!! I appologized for not ‘talking first’ instead if just blowing up!! I think I had the right to blow up but I need to work on not getting soo upset and maybe if I did talk first, things wouldn’t of gotten soo out of control. He found is phone too so I’m sure that too will help with his mood. He said he would try to be more proactive when it comes to helping out so I guess that’s all I can ask for!



    And, since I just got married in September, the most common question my husband and I get is ‘When can we expect a little one?’ I know it’s not meant this way, but I feel like ‘rub it in why don’t ya… we’re trying’



    Looks like I’m having another mc ! Got bfp on Wednesday confirmed by a digital on Saturday just wiped after going to toilet and there’s blood … I give up !


    bethy it was due on the 27th of december!!!! But think i ovulated late because on that day i was havn pain on only my left side and pulling and slight cramping too so not sure what to think this round hmmmm just wait i guess



    Mrsbugs I def agree with Dec Baby. I just got my positive OPK on cd 23 so hears to catching that egg. Pray for me ladies.



    how are you feeling bsbabyblues ?



    At the hospital they said they would be sending them to the dr that saw me in the er and i have tried to call earlieer and gave a lady my name and number so hopefully she will give me a call back but i will try hard today because i wanna know



    CONGRATS MARI! That’s awesome. Now to take your multi’s, drink your water and relax for a bit! LADIES – I am having people move in with us this weekend, which means ttc is going to be a silly idea. My spotting has not increased or decreased. I thought a couple of times af would arrive but so far no sign. IC tests still say bfn so likely a late af. Mari what cd are you when you got the line???

    Becky- In a similar boat. Babydust to you!



    I hope its a baby, rather than a bun rach 🙂


    Had cramps 4 days ago, thought AF was knocking, I was to get her yesterday and she still has not showed up. With my last 2 preg. I didn’t get BFP until 15dpo. Tommorrow might be 14dpo, I think I will try to test again. I’ve been so tired and ready for bed at 8pm and BB every once in a while get a burning sensation. Wish me good luck. Baby dust to you all.



    Don’t get me wrong, I do want to test, but I lost the last one in my 4th week, so it was really early. I just know that this is early also & I don’t know if it would be easier if I am preggers & were to m/c again, to think it was a really bad period or what……..I just am really confused right now. Last time, I started testing 7 dpo……..I couldn’t help it.

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