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    hello to all. i am new on here, but my husband and i have a 10 mpnth old baby girl and have been ttc for a couple of months now. so just wanted to introduce myself.



    I was the same way with my son, i had all those symptoms i had the gut feeling the late AF the implantation bleeding, but idk how many BFN HPT’s. When i went for my blood test it came back + at 8 weeks along….well after i had the blood confirmation i tried taking a HPT still -…wasnt until 10-12 weeks i finally got a + on a HPT. so maybe your HCG just isnt high enough yet.


    Congratulations chrisluvspatrick!!!! Good morning ladies!



    So unhappy, hubby said we are going to start trying for a baby. So I thought since sperm live for 72hrs we should BD every 3 day but now he says he is to tired and does not want to!!! And off course when he does not want to would be when my CM is like egg white. Maybe he does not really want another baby and was just playing along to keep me happy so very sad and disappointed!!!



    i hope u get ur BFP tell me what happens



    Today is CD10 for me. DH and I decided to BD every other day starting with CD7 till my next AF is due, with the exception of the 3 days of my predicated ovulation days we will BD every day. Anyone think this is a good or bad idea? BABY DUST TO ALL!!!



    How are you this morning? Are we the only early rising east coasters?



    Want2bemom I will be praying that God answers your prayers to have a baby. I have 2 boys and want every woman that has the love in her heart to be blessed with such a miracle! So I will probably retest around July 26. I really think I’m preggo. Last night I was having dull AF type pains but no AF and normally I only get cramps after I have already started AF.



    thanks, it’s just almost funny at this point i.e. ttc-no af-no bpn- what are the chances? we’ll all just keep at it, right?!



    Did another test this am with frer, another faint line. Would not say it is darker than yesterday. This makes me wonder if this one will stick. I hope so, I have no cramping of aches. Praying for a healthy, growing bub.



    I have a first time mommy question…At Benjamin’s healthy baby check ups our doctor usually asks us how he’s developing and for the most part Ben’s already doing it or starting too. At his 15 month check up we were asked if he knows body parts and can make a couple animal sounds…he doesn’t do either. We’ve been working with him trying to get him to point to mommy, daddy, the dog, and his belly but he doesn’t seem interested, he just laughs. We can show little man how to work a toy once and he’s good to go, but after three weeks of working on trying to identify body parts we haven’t made any progress. LOL, you’re probably laughing and saying crazy first time mom ;0), I ended up putting my parenting book away because I felt like a failure as a mom if Benjamin missed a milestone at a certain age. I realized a few months ago, what’s really important is for him to enjoy childhood and not push him for something he might not be ready for. I’m sure I’m just over reacting with identifying objects but I’m a little concerned since ADD and ADHD run on my husband’s side of the family (my husband has ADD), because of this we’ve been really cautious about letting Ben watch TV. We’ve begun to record shows on PBS and Discovery kids allowing him to watch 15-30 minutes a day in hopes he might pick up a thing or two.



    veronicanewmommy–I bought a set of 10 hpt’s off ebay for less than $4!! They are 20/mlU/hCG test strips. Just a thought in case you need some. She sent them the next day, so I should get them any time. That’s what I used last time around and they worked great!



    cleopatria01 – Doing Okay right now. Last week I had my AF so I am hoping this month I would get my wish. How are you doing?



    2bBlessedw2 – Hiiiiiiiii….. on charting… once you see the RISE, you have already ovulated. A sustained rise confirms it on Fertility Friend. 😀

    ps: I am at cd5 and I am going to start tracking AGAIN tomorrow morning.

    Feel Free to go to my page. In pics was my last chart from 08. It was a 25 day cycle.



    You can buy it online somewhere babysofiad but mine is a prescription from my doctor. I’d go see your doctor.

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